The Lonely Good Company Of Books (Essay Sample) 2023

The Lonely Good Company Of Books

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Reading of books has been a great way of adding an individual knowledge as well as keeping company. Reading books has become a hobby to many people and it does not only aid in adding knowledge but comes along with a feeling that one could get by having an adventure elsewhere in life; the feeling of relaxation. Therefore, the importance of reading books is very undeniable in an individual’s life and therefore it comes along with a lot of benefits that the people who love reading books cannot avoid.

The main as to why reading books is a good company is the fact that it acts like a free entertainment to the individual reading the book. Online and physical book stores are filled with thousands of choices from which an individual can choose from depending on their interests. It is such interest that define the level of entertainment that the individual is going to obtain form reading that book. However, many people find it a definite entertainment when reading comic books and, therefore, they are the most common genre known to be a source of entertainment to people.

Another reason as to why reading of books is a lonely and good company is because it aids in the reduction of stress levels in the human body. Stress is caused by overthinking of the challenges and activities that faces an individual. Therefore, reading occupies the mind of an individual hence giving them no chance to think about their problems. As a result, they end up feeling relaxed and free from troubles because they have occupied their minds with something else.

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In addition, reading books stimulates the brain cells hence making an individual to have an improved memory. The key idea of maintaining a sharp memory is exercising it and this can best be done by having a focus when reading a particular book. One can even choose to take notes and analyze the message being passed across by the author. As a result, this will keep them thinking hard hence stimulating the memory cells even more in order to maintain its sharpness as well as keeping them busy.

Reading books is important in offering company because it heightens the ability of an individual to carry out critical thinking and analysis of various situations. Some of the books available in the stores are complex to read but some people find it interested to analyze such books. As a result, they end up expanding their knowledge and in turn, find it easy to analyze simple situations in the real life. Therefore, it is important for individuals who love reading books to start off with simple to complex books since they will be of great importance in the manner in which they think in real life.

Finally, another importance of reading books is that it enhances the spoken vocabulary of an individual which could not happened by enjoying the company of friends. Reading is not only about getting the concept being represented in the book but also understanding the author’s choice of words. As a result, this play a substantial role in educating the reader about new words that they did know and examples of situations whereby they can use such words. Also, reading books enhances the speaking of an individual into a more fluent manner. Hence, this becomes a reason for an individual to keep on reading more in order to advance both their writing and speaking skills.

Therefore, reading comes along with a lot of benefits in terms of offering someone a good company and it’s something that many individuals should consider them to be one of their hobbies. Reading is not costly as compared to other fun activities. Hence, it’s a nice thing to do.

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