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Have you ever struggled with writing an essay? If you are a student, you must have found it hard to write an essay at one point. This may also be the reason you would want to turn online to pay for an essay.

Many services offer to pay for essays online. However, each platform offers unique options, and the price range differs dramatically on each website. You may choose to pay for an essay at a service believing it offers low prices. However, you need to be thoughtful of the service you choose to pay for essay.

There are various services where you can pay for essay papers online. When you decide to pay for your essay, it may appear appealing to choose a provider with affordable pricing. It is important to use caution because some of these services may give students copied essays from others.

Furthermore, there is a risk of them taking your money without providing a refund. As a result, when determining how to pay for your essay, you must carefully analyze the service you choose.

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There are plenty of services where you can pay for essay writing online. However, it is important to recognize that each platform offers unique services and that costs might vary significantly.

Essay Basics are here to make your life easier and boost your grades! When you choose to pay for essays at Essay Basics, you're opening the door to some seriously impressive benefits.

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Are You Ready To Pay For Essays?

Writing can become a heavy burden when coupled with different writing tasks on multiple subjects, a part-time job, and the pressures of social life. Many students ask themselves, “Can I pay someone to write my essay?”

Paying for essays can become a part of your college routine not because you are unable to write yourself, but because you need this time to focus on more important things. You should not be afraid to hire college essay writers for pay. It is standard practice.

Many students pay for essay services to tackle their academic challenges. However, when you choose to pay for a college essay, consider seeking help from a trustworthy and reliable writing service like ours.

EssayBasics has been in the writing business for over fifteen years and has been helping students from different countries with their assignments. The majority have benefited and are grateful for the services we have been providing them.

You can pay to do essay tasks online and focus on more important things! There is always a way to take some burden off your shoulders, pay for essay, delegate mundane tasks to professionals, and regain the joy of your student life!

Benefits We Provide When You Pay For Essays

You can decide to pay for college essay services if the platform offers unique features you can benefit from, like ours. You might consider paying to write a paper online if you check what we offer you. Some of the advantages of seeking paper help from us include;

100% money back

We understand how trusting a company with essay writing services can be hard given that you do not know the professional personally and you never know what the result would look like. Hence, when you decide to pay for an essay, it can be beneficial if the organization has a money-back guarantee. This implies that if you are not happy with the quality of your paper, you can request a refund and get your money back.

A money-back guarantee gives you the assurance and peace of mind that your investment is safe. It enables you to have trust in the service and the quality of the job they provide. When you decide to pay for an essay, make sure to use a business that has a money-back guarantee. You may be confident that your satisfaction and financial interests are being met in this manner.

Free revisions and rewrites within 30 days

Some companies cost you an arm and a leg just to create small changes. It gets frustrating. This is why we avoid it. We do not want our customers to feel like we are taking advantage of their niceness. Hence, we provide free revisions and rewrites at no cost within 30 days.

This is plenty of time for you to not only read but thoroughly go through the paper and see any possible changes you might want. Do not fear asking for adjustments on your paper thinking we will charge you.

Free title page and free reference page

When it comes to different components of writing, it's not just the main body of the essay that counts. You have to see about the vocab, grammar, sentence structure. But the work does not end here, you also have to take care of the title and reference page.

In most cases, companies do not offer to create a title or reference page. They just give you the main body of the essay or a paper to get it over with.

Luckily, we do not follow this practice. Your work is equally important to us and we care about your good grades. Hence, we provide free titles and reference pages. We do not charge you to have your title and reference pages written.

Free lifetime orders storage in your secured account

When you use our service, you will receive free lifetime orders to help you improve your writing skills. You can use these orders for your personal use only. They are securely stored within your account. Nobody else has access to them, protecting their privacy.

You can use these orders to help you learn and improve your writing skills over time. You can use them as a resource if you need direction or inspiration for your writing. The service guarantees that these orders will be available to you permanently. This allows you to benefit from them indefinitely as you attempt to improve your writing skills.

24/7 support

When you opt to pay for essay writing, we offer 24-hour help for all of your requirements. You can contact us at any time in case you need assistance or want to get your essay written.

Our support team is available to assist you and will respond to your questions as soon as possible. We recognize how important it is to be available to our clients whenever they need us, so please know that our team will be there for you whenever you contact us.


When you pay for a college essay at Essaybasics, we respect your privacy. Your personal information and details are never disclosed to other parties. We understand and respect your decision to entrust us with your work, and we want to keep it.

We prioritize the security of your data by storing it securely in our systems. You can be confident that we will keep your information private and secure. We respect your privacy and work hard to make your interaction with us trustworthy and secure.

Secure payment

The method you choose for paying for my essay services is entirely safe and secure. You can be certain that your payment information is private and confidential. We recognize the significance of keeping your privacy, therefore no one will ever know that you sought our assistance or paid for it.

We prioritize transaction security and ensure that no unauthorized access or disclosure occurs. When you opt to pay for my essay services from us, you can rest certain that your payment method and personal information are secure.

Precision and punctuality

When you pay for an essay online, you can rely on our team of writers. They write in in-depth detail and are passionate about meeting deadlines. They pay special attention to the writing directions and requirements you provide making sure that your paper is written exactly to what you want.

Furthermore, they go above and beyond by providing your paper to you before you expect it. Our authors appreciate the significance of deadlines and strive to exceed your expectations by sending completed work ahead of time. When you pay for an essay online, you can rely on our team to be precise in their approach, follow your directions, and produce your assignment on time.

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Become our regular customer and get special prices

The benefits above are the main reasons why students choose us to pay for essay help. Be a part of the many students who seek help from our company and get to enjoy the services we provide. offers pocket-friendly prices for our services. We want you to afford writing help and become a regular customer. You have finally found the service where you can pay for essay cheap and still get great quality!

Moreover, we offer discounts on the orders you choose to place with us. Become our regular customer and get to improve your writing skills and your grades. Below is an example of the prices for our essays.

Writing Level / Urgency 10 days 7 days 5 days 4 days 3 days 2 days 24 hours 12 hours 6 hours
Undergraduate $12.93 $15.18 $18.55 $19.68 $21.37 $24.74 $29.24 $32.61 $35.98
Master's $15.42 $18.10 $22.12 $23.46 $25.47 $29.50 $34.86 $38.88 $42.90
Ph.D. $16.41 $19.27 $23.55 $24.98 $27.12 $31.40 $37.11 $41.39 $45.67

As you can see, the price for a single page of writing changes with the paper type and the deadline for submission.

If you pay for your essay, you get plagiarism-free papers

Choosing to pay for essay papers at will be one of the wisest decisions you will make in your college life. Not only will you get plagiarism-free articles but also learn how to check for plagiarized content in your work.

Our writers check their work using the plagiarism checker tools such as TurnItIn. They can show you how to write your paper from scratch and use the various plagiarism checker tools to eliminate any instances of plagiarism in your work. So, do not hesitate to seek help from us when you need it. Visit our website and make your order.

How to make your order in 3 simple steps

Ordering college essays online is not a difficult task. Once you visit our website, the process is quite simple. Below are the three simple steps to follow to order help from our service.

Fill out our forms

To begin, please fill out the form with the relevant information. This includes essential data such as your name, contact information, and any specific needs you have for the type of assistance you desire. You can specify whether you need help with editing, writing, research, or any other work.

It is also important to express the urgency of your request by indicating when you expect to receive the completed work. By accurately filling out this form, you ensure that we have all of the required information to offer you the best possible service tailored to your needs.

Provide requirements, instructions, and additional information

Following that, you have to provide the writing instructions and specifications for your order. This phase is important because it allows our team to understand your requirements and provide a customized solution.

You will be able to provide key details such as the type of paper you require, whether it is an essay, a research paper, or another format. You can also specify your favorite font, format style (such as APA or MLA), desired length, and line spacing. These guidelines ensure that your work fulfills your academic needs and preferences.

Pay for the service

The third and final step in the procedure is paying money for the services provided. We provide a variety of easy alternatives for you to select from, ensuring that you can finish the transaction in the manner that best meets your needs.

We try to meet your preferences, whether you choose to pay by credit card, debit card, online payment platform, or any other acceptable means. Once your payment has been successfully processed, all you have to do is wait for your paper to arrive.


Writing an essay can be an infuriating task. However, you can combat essay writing difficulties if you pay for essay help at our writing platform. EssayBasics has a team of professional writers who can help you deliver your work on time. Additionally, when you choose to pay for essay help, you will get to improve your writing skills and boost your grades. Moreover, you will get to enjoy the benefits we provide to all our clients. Simply visit our website and place your order.

Final Word

If you find yourself overwhelmed with academic tasks and need assistance, it is a sensible idea to pay for someone to do your essay. By using this service, you can relieve yourself of the pressure and ensure that your essay is properly written to fit your needs. The convenience and knowledge given by such services might help you accomplish academic achievement.

Affordability may be an issue when considering your options. It is essential to understand that paying for an essay does not always mean losing quality. Many trustworthy organizations provide affordable costs, allowing you to pay for an essay cheaply without compromising quality. You could discover affordable choices that provide exceptional value for your money by completing careful research and comparing different platforms.

With a few clicks, you may access a large selection of services. From there you can select a qualified writer, and have your essay delivered within the timeframe you choose. This simple procedure saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on more important activities.

Furthermore, reliable online platforms emphasize confidentiality and secure payment methods, guaranteeing that your personal information is safe throughout the transaction.

Paying someone to write my essay is a sensible choice for students who are facing academic challenges. It reduces the stress of tight deadlines, difficult problems, and difficult workloads. You can locate affordable choices that fit your budget while ensuring high-quality essays by obtaining expert assistance. This allows you to pay for an essay cheaply without affecting the quality of the work.