Terms and conditions

Welcome to our website, if you continue utilizing our webpage and/ or submit your order to us, you are agreeing to conform to our Terms and Conditions, our privacy policy and how we store and use the data you furnish us with, governing EssayBasics.com relationship with you.

Definitions of terms:

Order-an order is the request you make by providing instructions for processing.

You- refers to the individual client utilizing our website.

Revision- refers to an order placed requiring the writer to make changes to it.

Preferred writer- is a content writer who has worked on a client’s order before and that the client chooses to continue working with in future.

Custom made paper- is an originally written content document prepared to meet specific demands of a client and providing accurate reference materials.

Order Instructions:

Once you place an order, EssayBasics.com ensures the content writer follows the given instructions. Once you pay, we reserve the right to deny further alterations or additions to these instructions.


You are entitled to request for corrections to your order within thirty days from the deadline lapse of the order. The instructions that guide a revision should be similar to those that guided the original order. You can have your order rewritten once you provide enough evidence demonstrating that the original paper did not follow all the instructions. As a website, we are entitled to denying your revision request if the revision instructions differ with the original instructions.


You are allowed to demand a refund three days after downloading the submitted order. The refund request should be done through messages, email, phone calls or via live chat and go through the client’s support team. Please be advised that we do not offer refunds thirty days past the completion date for the order. Also, we have the right to take back the authorship rights of the paper, once you request a full refund without sufficient justification for your claim.

Custom Made Paper:

Our papers are written from scratch by our writers unless the instructions require the use of direct quotes or familiar facts. Our writing and editing services provide original papers that serve as guidelines on how to write your academic papers. However, your usage of the custom-made paper is your choice.


We ensure privacy when handling your personal information. We only distribute this data with third-party service suppliers such as electronic mail providers, messages and MMS providers and payment processors who help us get in touch with you. We only utilize your information to communicate to you regarding your order or your account. We will not share or collect your passwords or login details. We will use open source information and information provided with instructions of the order to help our content writers deliver on your order.

For a period of three months, both our company and you share the Intellectual Property Rights of the custom-made content generated through our company. After three months lapses, our company regains complete ownership of the intellectual property rights to the content.

Service outages

The website will take full responsibility for the failure to deliver your order on time as a result of our service outages. We will not be liable for problems arising from your Internet Service Providers.

Preferred Writer:

You have the right to choose whether you will offer your preferred writer additional pay or not to motivate them to work on your order. If a different writer picks your order, the additional funds are remitted to your account to be used for prospective orders.

User Data Collection and Usage:

Our website accesses the following information from you:

  • E-mail
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  • Name of the payer
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  • IP address
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EssayBasics.com uses this information for commercial reasons. We may utilize your communication information to pass on promotions, deals and keeping you posted. In case you need more information on our use of your data please read in detail our page on Privacy Policy.