Private Policy

Thank you for choosing to work with us! Below is a comprehensive account of how our website gathers, utilizes and handles your information whenever you visit and make use of our website and products (‘Services’).

Our website, does business all over the world offering ‘Writing and Editing Services.’ Its primary aim is protecting and respecting the privacy of our users while ensuring your personal information (as portrayed by this policy) receives fair and legitimate processing, following the outlined privacy law.

For customers in the European Union, the website employs and relies on a data protection officer (DPO), tasked to manage and respond to questions raised by customers concerning the privacy policy. In case of any reservations about this policy that extends to a request to utilize your legal rights, one should feel free to contact support under the management of Mark Poland at

Your Personal Data

Our content and writing service gathers, utilizes, stores and transfers various type of information to facilitate, enhance and protect our Services. Once you accept our Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge our Privacy Policy and the manner in which we store and utilize the information you provide to us.

Among the information we collect include:

Email address, Cell phone number, your username, Payer name, Payer official name, Billing address, IP addresses, Cookies, one’s orders and additional information regarding one’s orders.

Our website obtains your personal information referred by this privacy policy as ‘personal data,’ ‘your personal information’ or ‘your data’ in different ways. For example, when you visit or utilize our website when you fill in forms on our site, when you use our Services and when you engage in phone, email or other communications with us.

We also gather ‘personal data’ that you provide through; registering to utilize our website, making subscriptions to our Service, probing for opportunities in our website, participating in promotions and surveys in our website and when you are reporting problems experienced when dealing with our website. In all these activities our website collects your personal information such as person's name, address, username, secret code, e-mail address, mode of payment such as PayPal and information present in one’s order, messages, communications, and responses.

Our website also collects technical data from you. The data includes IP address, login information, previous internet search visits prior to visiting our website, type and version of browser you are using to access our Services, your time zone, and locality, the version and types of plugins you have installed in your browser, operating system and other machinery on the devices that access our website.

How we use your data

The design of our Services is in such a way that it is simple and straightforward for you to utilize. We achieve this by storing, utilizing and passing on your data to internal personnel and third-party service providers that facilitate our registering of new customers, processing payments and delivering our Services.

Our website also utilizes your data particularly your usage data, technical information, information on your use of our Services such as search history, sites visited, page interaction information and what you searched on the website, and communication information to assess and improve our services.

Cookies and other technologies. Technologies such as cookies are useful to our website as they provide, improve, defend and endorse our services. For instance, cookies help in the recollection of your username whenever you visit our site, realize your communication with our Services and advance your experience based on the information gathered.

In marketing, our website utilizes the data you provide to furnish you with information regarding goods and services that we consider may be of significance to you. We do so by using the e-mail address you provided to share data on goods and services that are similar to those that previously were of interest you. Our communication is predicated on you having offered prior consent for receiving such information. In case you do not want to entertain such information, unsubscribing from getting such information enables us to refrain from utilizing your information in this manner.

Sharing your data

Our website is likely to share your information and personal details with third party agents to meet various needs. For instance, third parties such as PayPal facilitate your payment for services rendered, logging in with Facebook or Google Accounts facilitates the access to our website, and we may share your phone number with service providers who ease our sending of text messages or MMS messages to you. Additionally, we may share your information with Google (Alphabet Inc.) to facilitate the delivery of our e-mails to you. You should note that we do not share your information with any service providers that may contact you without our knowledge or your request.

Protecting your data

One of our primary responsibilities is guarding our user’s data, by employing a team of highly qualified and trustworthy members to keep your information secure and identifying vulnerabilities. We also implement various guidelines for protecting your data.

First, we ensure that every time we process personal data, we have a legal foundation for doing so. We do so by regularly reviewing all the data that is in our possession ensuring it is precise, pertinent and updated.

Second, we establish a legal reason for sharing your information with third parties such as office support, customers, suppliers, and partners before doing it and also by obtaining your consent.

Third, we ensure that we only retain your personal information just for a period until we meet its purpose and legal, financial or reporting requirements.

Individual rights for persons living in the European Union

As an individual in the European Union, you have the liberty to access, correct, control or delete your personal information from various platforms at any given time. To exercise your freedom within our website, you can contact to exercise the following rights.

The right to have access to your information. For you to access your information, you have to present a written request relating to your data, and we will oblige by furnishing you with either written or electronic version of concise, transparent and easily accessible and processed data within thirty days from the date of making the request.

The right to correct your data. Our website users have the prerogative to ask us to change any incorrect or incomplete personal data appearing on our platform. We also have the mandate to pass the notification to the third parties we shared your information with so that they can rectify the issue as well. The change is possible so long as it does not require too much effort. However, you should note that we have no authority to inspect or pressure the operations of third parties to ensure they make the changes.

The right to erase your information. As a user of our website, you are at liberty to ask us to delete all your personal information on our platform. If we shared your information with third parties, we have the mandate to inform them of this request immediately so that they can delete your data as well. Nevertheless, you should note that the application is probable unless it proves impossible or costly. Despite this, we have no legal position to ensure the third parties erase your data from their systems even though they are supposed to upon your request.

The right to restrict the use of your data. Our website only utilizes your personal information guided by a legal basis. As the owner of this information, you can request us to stop or regulate the processing of your data in various situations. For instance; when you challenge the correctness of the information, when the processing of your data is illegal, however, you do not want it erased and when we do not require your information anymore, but you want us to hold it for alternative needs such as launching, exercising or defending your legal claims. Also, when you oppose our use of your information but we need it to establish whether we have a genuine reason to utilize it.

Also, in cases where we share your information with third parties, we will pass your request to limit the usage of your information to them, tell them to meet the request and also rectify the information they have about you unless this proves impractical or costly. You should, however, note that we have no authority to make these third parties to make the changes.

The right to vacate your consent. In cases where we rely on your consent to process and pass information, for instance, receiving marketing messages, you are at liberty to withdraw your permission. The move only affects actions after the withdrawal of consent but processes taken before undertaking this action are deemed lawful. Vacating your consent also means that we cannot facilitate the provision of various products and services to you as advised when you take up this step.

The rights of individuals living outside the European Union

The right to access information in your account. Our primary responsibility will be to ensure you access your information, review it for us to ensure it is correct and up to date. You can access this information by contacting us via email through

The right to receive a record of your data transfer. Our website is mandated to allow you the user to make requests for information we have shared with third parties about you for its utilization for marketing purposes free of charge. To receive such information, you should file the request to the support through, once a year and detail the type of information that interests you. Begin the email by using the subject line phrase “Personal Information Privacy Request,” outline the name of the website you want information about, provide an address and email address. Our website will then respond to you by explaining how we will ensure our users do not utilize your personal information for marketing purposes.

California Online Privacy Protection Act. The legislation, together with the California Business Professional Code, states that websites have to outline the types of Personally Identifiable data that they gather through their websites from individual consumers who utilize their services or visit their sites. Similarly, websites should also outline the groups of third-party individuals or institutions that they are likely to share with the personal information of their clients. For more information find it in the California Act.

Our data storage and transfer of information

Our website caters for a large customer base from all over the world, but primarily stores, provide services and transfer our customer’s information in the European Economic Area (EEA), the United States and Canada.

When utilizing personal information provided by individuals residing in the European Union, our website is likely to share the said information within our company. It may involve transferring it outside the EEA, where our company operates. Our website may also distribute your private information with service providers who primarily help our organization to provide, improve, protect and promote our services. Sharing of this information with them may also necessitate us to share your data outside the European Economic Area. You should note that our company ensures we afford your personal information a high degree of protection whenever we share it beyond the EEA territory, by implementing the following minimum safeguards.

One, when our organization transfers your personal information to third parties outside the EEA jurisdiction, we ensure that the transfer is to countries that the European Commission ascertain that they provide sufficient levels of protection for people’s data (further information is accessible through Adequacy Decisions of the European Commission). On the other hand, we work with particular contracts accepted by the European Commission for providing similar protection as that present in Europe (further details are accessible through International data transfers using model contracts).

When carrying out changes in our Company

When our company is undergoing restructuring, merger, acquisition or while selling our assets, we may transfer your information as part of the deal agreed. In such a case, we will notify you through the email associated with your account of this development, and summarize the choices you have in such an event. The privacy policy is binding and subject to adjustment from time to time. We will strive to post the current versions of the policy on our website as it changes. In case a revision ends up significantly reducing your rights, we will let you know.

Contact information

In case of questions or concerns about our Services or private policy, feel free to contact us through our email