Reasons Why Fashion Is Not Important (Essay Sample) 2023

Reasons Why Fashion Is Not Important

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Reasons why fashion is not important

Fashion is a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior. Primarily, fashion is associated with clothing, footwear, accessories and body make up. It is associated with elegance, class, beauty and distinction that resonates with your physicality and looks to bring out the best appearance. Designers coined the word fashion and branded it as a marketing strategy to push their sales whenever they created a new style. Fashion is almost impossible to match up since thousands of new designs are rolled out in the market daily and a race to sample or possess all of these products is practically impossible. It is also relative to culture and personal preferences thus sifting through the millions of fashionable items stocked in the stores becoming impractical. Fashion has dominated our lives and increasingly led and development of many industries. However, it is not as important as many might think.

Fashion has several unintended adverse effects. Since it is associated with physicality and appearance, it has become an addiction to many. Many people in the world have become increasingly conscious with their looks that affects their personality, moods and even attitudes towards other things. The people who feel cannot afford the newest fashionable clothing experience low self-esteem and develop negative attitude towards various things in their life. For the people who are unable to afford the fashionable products, they may turn to immoral behavior to supplement their income.  Most young girls have been caught in this web of addiction to shopping seeking to possess the latest and trendiest clothes while hardly having enough money to pay for them. They therefore turn to commercial sex and other immoral activities to fund their addiction to fashion which is very perishable. Fashion has also created a ‘perfect body’ mentality which complements various designs for the best looks.  This perfect body has caused anorexia and extreme habits which people go to fit in these fashionable products. Those unable to achieve this perfect body, suffer low self-esteem and turn to dangerous options to satisfy their ego.

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However, fashion is not important. It is a causative agent or an active ingredient to many social, economic and political conflicts. If put aside, our lives would be easier and maybe more fun than it is today. Much of the resources that go into advertising fashionable products would be directed to other channels that would improve our life quality. The deaths and mental breakdowns caused directly or indirectly by fashion around the world would be stopped and people’s self-esteem would be held high. The differences humans have been drawing consciously or unconsciously based on our dressings and fashion would be dissolved leading to a more cohesive and unified co-existence with other people.

In absence of fashion, each of our clothing and styles would be fashionable. It will also gratify our personal preferences and liberate people from artificial images imprinted in their minds about the perfect appearance and body. Everyone will feel free to express himself/herself in what is comfortable and fits their body in any weather conditions. Our will and ability to express ourselves have been stolen by the concept of fashion.

Concisely, fashion is not important to our lives as it does not save us from emergencies or improve our quality of life. It instead imprisons our will and perception of what is best for us and our bodies. Fashion coerces us to view ourselves and fellow human beings through the eyes of few designers who have held us hostage and redefined beautiful, unique, elegant and classy for their own selfish gains. Therefore, if we take the bold step of walking away from their trap, we will realize fashion is and was never important for us but it shaped our perception about life.

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