Peace On Earth (Essay Sample) 2023

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Peace On Earth

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Peace on earth

Peace is the absence of war and other hostilities. Peace is hard to attain but almost impossible to live without. Since the era of documented history, there has been endless human conflicts that have led to loss of millions of lives. Even today, in the 21st century, there are still belligerent nations around the world engaging in war which affects their people. Additionally, there are civil wars and rebellions that have contributed significantly to absence of peace in these regions. Peace has been an elusive phenomenon sought by almost all humans. In the last century alone, one of its landmark and indelible occurrences were the first and second world wars that left more hundred million casualties and unimaginable human crisis. If the world would have noted from the effects of these two wars, the world would be a safer place.

Human conflict seems to be ingrained in our primal instincts. The evolution of man seems to have been hinged in wit and violence for survival. Over the years through evolution, survival tactics often started violence that became inculcated in their genes. Other creates in the animal kingdom seem to have similar instincts that spark violence and unrest among themselves. Therefore, it is likely that humans would still engage in wars and be hostile to each other even with enough resources for their survival.

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The key drivers of war around the world is politics and religion. Ironically, all major religions in the world advocate for peace and preach it everywhere yet they are still engaged in wars purporting to be protecting their faith. Many human conflicts that have fueled wars have their root in religion and it continues to fuel more wars. Religion can be the answer to world peace and stability but as at now, there is no hope in sight and in the foreseeable future. Politicians also start wars for their own benefit and use the wars to enrich themselves through illegal trade and selling of armory and ammunition. Politics have ignited wars that have continually cost lives and destruction of property even in the 21st century. If these two factors are properly addressed, then the world stands a chance of witnessing peace. If these two issues are not addressed and collectively deliberated to arrive at amicable solutions that are not suppressing either parties, there could be a significant possibility for making history and living in a peaceful world in all corners of the planet.

Material needs also seem to play an important role in causing unrest and wars around the world. People keep on fighting for resources around the world. Countries and nations have gone to war over meagre resources as they seek to control over them. Equitable distribution of resources seems elusive with capitalism since many people feel used and exploited for the benefit of few. The discontentment stemming from unfair distribution of resources has led to deep-rooted hatred that has often been expressed through violence. Ironically, the fight for resources leads to more destruction of resources.

Concisely, the roadmap to peace seems to be hindered by religious blindness and polarized political landscape. This is however utopian thinking judging from current religious activities and political climate. Lack of peace has paradoxically led to various benefits to humans. Important discoveries such as Internet and cutting-edge technology for competitive edge in wars have found their way to our lives and revolutionized how we live and socialize. Lack of peace and wars thereof has led to important discoveries that have improved the living standards of many people. Therefore, lack of peace has awakened our creative selves and led to important discoveries that have impacted human lives positively.

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