Education Should Be Knowledge Based (Essay Sample) 2023

Education Should Be Knowledge Based

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Education Should Be Knowledge Based

We all agree that education is essential for mankind. However, recently, people have been debating whether education should be knowledge-based or skill based. Both sects believe they are right and present convincing arguments. Every day, man is presented with a different problem which requires him to solve. Before the invention of modern medicine, man relied on herbs and other traditional medicine. However, as time passed, he has continued to show his ability to adapt and to develop into a more complex being who is not only skillful but knowledgeable about his surroundings. Man has managed to grow and develop from a point of ignorance to a point of knowledge and complicated skills. The question here is, should man change his education system to a knowledge-based curriculum or a skill based curriculum? It is true that skills are quite essential, however, without knowledge as the foundation, skills would be useless. This article seeks to build onto the above statement while emphasizing that a knowledge-based education would be more suitable to man than a skill based education.

The world is indeed complex but man has managed to learn and understand the intricacies that surround it. Through the many discoveries that man has made over the years, knowledge has been transferred from one generation to another. The reality is, knowledge never gets old and while we have managed to build on what the older generations left for us, some of what they left us has remained as it was. However, it is important to note that few of the skills that were applicable in the past are useful today. While skills can help one in their job or in doing chores at home, they can never last one a lifetime because of the changing nature of the world. Conversely, knowledge will indeed last you a lifetime because it never grows old.

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The challenges the world is facing today are quite incomprehensible. It is only through a knowledge based education that the world will be able to resolve some of the issues we have. Currently, everyone is focused on the issue of global warming. However, there are still those who believe that it is a hoax and the world is only getting duped of billions of dollars. Such retrogressive thinking is reminiscent of a world which is concerned with the skills people have. Global warming is real and the world is gradually being affected by the massive effects of it. While man needs scientific skills to handle global warming, he needs to understand how global warming came to be a major problem in the first place. This means that knowledge always comes first.

Economic growth and development is highly dependent on the knowledge people have of the markets and how to manipulate it. It would be illogical to employ people who are skilled but without the necessary knowledge of generating income for a country. Countries grow and develop by applying the knowledge they gather. It would not make sense to want to change things without first of all getting yourself in a position of power which in this case would be knowledge over a situation.

In conclusion, a knowledge based education should indeed be preferred over a skill based education. However, it is important to note that both are essential and one without the other would indeed be useless.

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