Why I Want To Become A Seaman (Essay Sample) 2023

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While growing up everyone dreams to become like people or professions which inspire them. Future ambitions differ from person to person as people choose career paths based on their interests. While most people choose to become doctors, lawyers, and engineers, I took a different path and decided to become a seaman. I chose this career path because I love everything about sea life. I love sailors, crew members, the sea, the ocean, the huge ships and not to forget the opportunity to travel around the world. As a kid, I grew up living right across the seashore; which made me fall in love with the sea. In this essay, I will explain why I chose to become a seaman.

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Why I Want To Be A Seaman Essay- 700 Word Long Essay Sample

Every person has dreams and ambitions in life. We all dream of becoming like someone who influences and inspires us.  As a little boy, I lived across the sea with my grandparents. I did not have many friends back then so I made friends with the sea. I just fell in love with it and thought about never letting go of the sea from an early age. One day when I visited a seashore I met a sea man as well as some captivated sailors moving ashore. I asked them about their profession and hearing what they said I only knew one thing that I want to become a seaman. In this essay, I will explain why I wanted to pursue seafaring to become a part of the maritime industry.

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I have a dream and ambition to become a seaman for many reasons. First of all, I want to travel around the world and hope to visit great places and seashores including the Amalfi Coast in Italy which is the longest coastline in Europe. Traveling from one country to another will enable me to explore different cultures throughout the world. Living by the sea is like a dream to me and I will be more than happy to live my life as a seaman. 

The marine industry is very vast with endless career opportunities. The maritime industry is responsible for carrying out all the sea trade. As a sea man, I will not only have the opportunity to be one with the sea but I will also be able to explore new cultures and destinations. I decided to become a seaman at such an early age because I just knew that this career path is full of exciting adventures, opportunities, and challenges.

I know that the maritime industry is not for the faint of heart. Seamen have to work tirelessly day and night on some days. Sometimes they enjoy the freedom of being one with mother nature and some other times they have to battle nature. But I choose to be a seaman because I like the adventure and thrill that come with this job. I like being challenged and I hate to sit in front of a computer screen for hours, therefore, I chose this career path. I have also heard that seamen are not given good wages at the start of their career but that doesn’t demotivate me at all. I am a sea enthusiast and becoming one with the sea is my dream for the future no matter what.

Another reason for becoming a seaman is because I like big ships.  No matter if it’s a cargo ship or a battleship I just like to travel in it. Even at such an early age, I loved to board ships with my grandparents. I also remember that after our journey was complete I would always cry while getting off from the passenger ship. Other than traveling around the world, a seamen career is very rewarding. Once you get the right skills you can earn very good wages that most of the time come tax-free. Unlike other professions, seafarers usually work tirelessly without any holiday and get one long holiday for 3-4 months in one year that too with the basic salary. Seamen also make very good friends with all the crew members and live together like a family. The friendships people make while traveling in the sea usually last for a long time.

In conclusion, my ambition for this job as well as becoming a part of the maritime industry is becoming stronger with each passing day. I just cant wait to see myself traveling around the world as a seaman In a huge ship. So these are all the reasons why I want to become a seaman. 

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Why Did I Choose Seaman As My Lifetime Career – 300 Word Short Custom Essay

While growing up everyone has some ambition and goal in life. While most people choose to become doctors, engineers, and lawyers many still opt for a different profession. Just like other people I also have one main goal in life and that is to become a sea man. I was always fond of the sea from an early age, I lived right across the sea and I just loved to explore the seashores. Whenever I came to the seashore I always dreamt of traveling through the ocean on a huge ship. I heard somewhere that the maritime industry, as well as the marine industry, is always looking for recruits so on that day I decided that I will become a seaman.

People always asked me such questions like why do you want to become a seaman? Replying to them, I always said that I love being around the sea. I know that this career path is very challenging and less rewarding at the start. Facing mother nature in open battle and working in harsh conditions as general labor is something that only a few will desire. However, no career path is easy, and because of my passion for adventure, thrill, and love for the sea, I chose this as a lifetime career.

This career is not all bad and difficult, as it is also very rewarding. Being a seaman you can travel around the whole world and explore different cultures for free. You get 3-4 months long holidays every year, and you are treated as a family member by other crew members. Other than that, the beautiful working environment is, of course, something that no other job can offer.

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FAQ About Why I Want to Become A Seafarer Essay Sample

How To Write The Seafarer Essay?

To write a seafarer essay, start with why have you chosen this profession. Explain the benefits of becoming a seafarer in the body and also try to convince others to choose it as their career path.

Reasons To Choose Seaman As A Profession?

A seaman’s life is very rewarding and adventurous. Seamen get to travel around the world, explore all parts of the world, get 4 month long holidays and become like family members with the crew to name a few.

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