My Great Wish (Essay Sample) 2023

My Great Wish

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Every person in the society has their respective wishes. This is all about their futuristic self by becoming someone who is capable of changing the perspectives and lives of other people. Many of us are still hoping that someday, our wish will be granted through the power of luck. Others prefer to work their goals in their own ways to ensure that their efforts and perseverance could pay off and could probably reach their successes in life. As a dreamer, there is nothing wrong when you aspire to something that you are able to achieve with passion and hard work. Wishing is all about increasing your sense of optimism as a way to encourage yourself to become something that you wish for being the person that you are.

My great wish is to complete by academic background by having a degree after college years or even in the graduate studies. The main reason is to become a leader someday that can lead people who will be the future generation if I reach elderly years. This means that my main goal is to achieve something that could enable my aspirations to succeed in the future. After pursuing my college adherence, the most significant step to make is to apply what I have learned from my previous studies to become a successful professional in the future. As a person with a dream that is always wishing that something should happen in the future, I hope that someday, I will be able to ensure that my aspirations will help me become a role model to other people with similar dreams to their lives and bringing their passion into a reality.

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As a wish, I know that every goal is not achievable without having the effort to reach for it at any time. In this regard, wishing something special is a great endeavor in your academic life because you are able to prepare yourself for your future battle in the future. Working out in a great position encourages yourself to improve your life after graduation. Your parents or family member will be proud of what you have been accomplishing in your life that will sooner become a supporter with their lifestyle as you will be the next person responsible for becoming the next bread winner.  A wish may not be always granted if you will not work for it because every goal needs a proof that you are serious about becoming something that you love, no matter the situation is.

The learning insight when you want to have a great wish is to become patient while you are longing for something that you want to become someone memorable to others in the future. Graduating in college is one of the most important gifts that no one could replace it. The reason behind is that education is the most significant life changing event that every person must have to treasure. Achieving a degree is your passport to become a successful and influential person someday. With this regard, having the position to succeed in life aims to resonate your capability to become a memorable individual someday. Being a successful individual endure contentment wherever you go because you are permanently holding a precious gift that symbolizes your achievement allow no other individual or group could not take it away from you (Tierney, 2010).


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