Healthy People Make A Healthy Nation (Essay Sample)

Healthy people make a healthy nation

People are considered healthy if they are physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally fit. Health is an essential factor in social and economic developments of a country. Effort must be put by both the locals and the authorities to enhance good health in Nation. The stakeholders in manufacturing companies must also be involved in realizing a healthy nation.

In our daily activities, we should concentrate on improving our physical health. Physical health can be enhanced by taking morning walks and doing various physical exercises. Unhealthy food is always the main result of illnesses that reduce people’s physical health and should be avoided on a daily basis. These foods may not only mean what we consume to fill our stomachs but also things like cigarettes and alcohols. If we are to remain productive, we must consume what is perfect for our health.

Mentally people must be free from anything that is bringing stress to them. People must learn to share their problems with those they can confide in; this will reduce the torturous trauma they carry in their heads.  People must also learn to appreciate others; this significantly reduces stress and improves mental health.

Persons living in a country must exercise healthy behaviors to live healthily. Some chronic diseases like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes etc. are as a result of individuals’ actions and the environment, for example, lung cancer is a result of smoking. People must, therefore, make better and informed choices concerning their lifestyle to leave healthily. Instead of concentrating on drinking alcohol and smoking people can think of better things to do to keep them busy. Drinking and smoking are always a result of idleness, and people can avoid this by organizing family evening walks or participating in local gaming clubs around their residents. People can choose to avoid toxic environments and or to observe precautionary measures when in toxic environments. Avoiding toxic and harmful behaviors will help curb cancer and other diseases associated with the environment and our actions.

Before construction of any company, the community must be well informed of the health risks the company is posting to them. The company owners must state how they are going to deal with their waste. Making the community informed will help reduce diseases that are caused by the waste the companies are emitting.

The government has a greater role to play in ensuring that its citizens are healthy. The government can enact laws to promote healthy living. For example, the government can create laws making sure that many public recreational centers can contain a large number of the public. The governments must enhance healthy choices people make if an individual chooses to ride after work to avoid smoking the government should have in place roads specifically meant to riders.

Also, the government can protect its citizens from some harmful imports into the country. Imports posing adverse effects to the citizens must be avoiding as much as possible.

Health is a collective responsibility, and each person must play their role effectively in the realization of a healthy productive nation. The government, investors, and locals must strike a balance to ensure good health prevails in a country. A nation must adopt good behaviors to mitigate diseases and the effects of the diseases to a nation, if a nation is to remain healthy.

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