Good Mind Good Find (Essay Sample)

Good Mind Good Find

Each day, thousands and possibly millions of people are conned or reaped off their belongings across the world. While this is happening, many more get opportunities that they could only dream of. The latter group realizes their dreams and end up reaping big, in academics, financial aspects, and in many other circles that touch on human well-being. In light of the fact that the mind is the engine of the human body and existence, one statement can sum up the fate and experiences of people across the world: a good mind is a good find.

It is often said that he who finds a good wife finds a good thing! This statement highlights the fundamental role that a wife plays in the existence and well-being of a marriage and a family. If she is full of love, is faithful, humble, welcoming, and generally virtuous, the couple will have an easy marriage and their family including children, will prosper immensely. A good wife is comparable to a good mind. Anyone who has a good mind is assured of prosperity, peace, and a good life. A good mind refers to such aspects as the ability to be creative and innovative, ability to solve problems and make the right decisions, high intelligence quotient, rationality, emotional intelligence, and determination.

The biblical stories of King Solomon and Job help to explain the statement, “good mind, good find.” King Solomon was faced with a hard decision, where he was to decide who the mother to an infant was. He had to choose between two women who were both claiming to be the baby’s mother. His brilliant mind coupled with wisdom enabled him to accurately identify the mother, after threatening that he would cut the baby into two pieces, one for each woman. Job, on his part, was advised by his wife to curse and abandon God but despite afflictions that saw him lose all his property, children, and friends, he remained rational, determined, and he did not allow his emotions to blind his faith. Eventually, he was rewarded and given double what he had previously lost. A good mind, from Job’s experiences, is better than wealth. In the current world, many people have lost their wealth whenever they fail to control their emotions, resulting in huge court fines. Many others have died by making bad decisions, including military commanders who have led their armies into massacre due to poor decision making, incompetence, lack of creativity, and sheer inanity. Other people fail to recognize that they are defeated and do not know at which point they should turn back – a classic case of a bad mind, a bad find.

Creative minds have immensely benefited the world. The emergence of modern technology has integrated the world in ways not seen before. A creative, determined mind is like a pen in the hands of an artist. He can draw anything he wishes to draw using the pen. A nation that has many intelligent, creative, and rational people is certain to develop faster and the rich-poor gap is likely to be much smaller. Similarly, a family headed by a level-headed, rational individual expects to remain peaceful, and to thrive.

In conclusion, a good mind is the key to unlocking all challenges in man’s life. The mind is central to the effective functioning of each member of the society. A husband whose wife has a good mind is happy. Similarly, a wife whose husband is rational and intelligent has a good thing by her side. Children whose parents are rational, level-headed, sharp, and problem-solvers have a good life ahead of them. A good mind is a good find.

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