Disadvantages And Advantages Of Reading Novels (Essay Sample)

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For those who are always into reading, novels are important materials that seek to fulfill interests while exploring numerous insights and relevant views from the reading material. Reading novels are one of the most utilized forms of hobbies for individuals who are always interested on acquiring new ideas and perspectives in order to stimulate their curiosity. There are numerous novels being published in various academic institutions as well as private individuals who want to share their reading materials to the public. Several printing press companies prints numerous novels and start distributing to several stores across the community. In this essay, we are going to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of reading novels. This is to identify significant areas of novels that are either beneficial or problematic according to the reader’s interest.

First is all about the advantages, which will indicate the benefits of reading novels from time to time. Learning new insight is one of the most precious items that a person acquires after reading a novel. There are numerous ideas, scenarios, and circumstances presented by the novel in order to stimulate the interest of the reader. Learning makes a person productive because new items and ideas acquired from the context fulfill the interest of the reader’s curiosity. In the long run, the reader can apply learned new theories as a way to improve their capacity to become productive with their personal, professional and business perspectives. Aside from learning, the reader will relate their personal experience from the content of the novel that is relevant to their interest. This includes their professional background, which enables their perception to become productive, competitive, and reliant after reading the novel.

The disadvantages of reading a novel enlist several issues that a person can experience. One major issue is the time rendered when reading a novel. Novels are long stories, describing scenes, circumstances, and talking about a legend that plays an important character to the plot of the story. People who are rushing to know more about the story will not be able to understand and appreciate the content of the novel. This is because readers should have to internalize all circumstances as well as the scenarios that relate the experience of each character. In addition, the authors wants to stimulate the logical perception of the readers by inserting metaphors and symbolism of some contexts, making it challenging to read the material before understanding the plot of the story. Novels are bulky because there are series of volumes that a reader must have to collect so that they can fully understand the overall story of the plot.

Novels are usually intended for individuals who love reading. This is because it is a traditional way of exploring new circumstances that can impact the personal well-being of readers. However, one must have to take the challenge of scheduling their time before reading a set of novels so that they will not be involved in conflicts with their schedules, which affects their routine. Overall, novels are interesting materials that should be read by individuals who wants to learn new things. The reason behind is that it seeks to measure a person’s intellectual capacity by taking time to consider issues that enhances productivity applied in both personal as well as with professional businesses on a regular basis (Schmidt, 2014).


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