Beauty Needs No Ornaments (Essay Sample)

Beauty needs no ornaments

Beauty is a broad topic seen by different people in their way of understanding. For a long time, beauty was portrayed as a mixture of all makings of a person that make the senses of someone else satisfied and also delights the mind of that other person. Currently, the current generation sees beauty as physical appearance. Beauty is judged according to the clothes one puts on, the hairstyle with the latest hairstyle considered most precious, the kind of makeup they apply and the shape of their bodies. Beauty is not all about appearance but the also the personal character of a person. There are advantages and disadvantages of putting on ornaments to make one beautiful.

To others, ornaments are a perfect thing to them. They embrace ornaments daily to improve their confidence. Some individuals feel that they were not born with the perfection others expect of them, this makes them loose confidence of themselves. To improve on their look, they resort to latest makeups, best hairstyles in town, new clothing models and accessories. These individuals feel that these ornaments complement their outfit to stand out.  With the feeling that they are standing out they feel confident and can perform best at personal or organizational level.

To those who feel they are beautiful, they use ornaments to enhance their beauty. By improving their beauty, they make people admire decorations. This admiration makes people feel the need for ornaments. Once the need of ornaments strikes many, the market for ornaments will increase, and the economy will also improve. Creativity in designing new ornaments is also boosted since different companies will want to keep most customers to themselves.

Concerning the physical appearance, ornaments destroy natural beauty. Just like fingerprints every person has a unique physical appearance. These presentations give the natural physical beauty of an individual. By using ornaments natural beauty fades, and since ornaments are almost similar, we lose the actual definition of each and every person’s natural beauty.

Beauty is not only measured regarding appearance but also the character of a person. The characters include kindness. How kind a person is to others defines their inner beauty. The service is shown through how one reacts to others problem i.e. whether you are a helping type or not. People judge the inner beauty by our behaviors too. Behaviors cannot be disguised in ornaments; real responses will manifest in how one deal with a situation, e.g. in sadness and happiness. Ornaments are deceiving to those who rely on outside look to judge or define beauty. How kind or well behaved one is, is never expressed in the physical appearance.

Ornaments change the appearance of people to look entirely different from their real appearances. By applying makeups and using different clothing designs people can change their physical appearance. This alteration of appearance impacts the society negatively as criminals use it to escape jail terms or to commit crimes. To some extent, ornaments promote crimes if not employed by the right people.

Despite the negatives of ornaments, they give people a fresh look. Ornaments used in the right amount gives people the smartness they desire. Makeups should be used in the right proportion to preserve the natural look to make people exactly know the original look of individuals around them. Even though ornaments change natural looks, it should be used with morals to avoid crimes.

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