Tablets vs Textbooks (Argumentative Essay Sample)

Tablets versus Textbooks

Tablets and textbooks have been of great importance in the society.  These two items have been of major importance in the education system. However, there has been an intense debate on the use of either the items or abandoning one.  Due to advancement in technology, there is a need to replace textbooks with tablets in the current society and the education system. However, this idea would not be well taken by the opponents of the tablets pegged on their abilities to cause distractions and the higher costs.  It is important to highlight that whether the tablets are costly or they create distractions, there are numerous ways of solving such drawbacks for the opponents to use them.  The use of Amazon Kindle Paper White helps them be more like them more like books.  Therefore, the argument presented herein, give support to the use of tablets instead of textbook based on the technological advancement.

The advancement in technology has brought many apps to be used in the current society such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Piniterest among others.  These apps are beneficial to both the young and old generation who are frequent users of tablets but not textbooks. The users can develop a social group for learning and socialization. Furthermore, tablets can contain a lot of textbooks, homework, questions besides providing a platform where students easily link with each other for learning purposes irrespective of the distance and space available in the physical classroom.

Secondly, tablets have led to increased multimedia learning which is advantageous to the students. More students can elaborate graphical descriptions using tablets than textbooks besides helping the weak students in remembering the items that they have learned in previous lessons.  Furthermore, the use of tablets equip students with current information in the current competitive world. Hence they can effectively face the challenges due to improved skills among others.  Furthermore, tablets are currently affordable when compared to the overall costs that will be incurred in the long run when textbooks are used.

Contrarily, textbooks are significant benefits since they do not cause visual impairment, headache and eyestrains besides their inabilities to in co-operating social media that may cause distractions hence student using textbooks have the longer attention span. Secondly, textbooks have no addictive games and distractions which lead to time wastages during the study hours as experienced among the tablet users. Besides, objectionable contents such as videos are available online which can easily be accessed by people or students and shared among themselves on social media platforms hence preventing children from accessing such kind of information will be the use of textbooks.  Lastly, the use of tablets leads to computer vision syndrome, blurred vision, headache, and eye strains which are familiar to children who are fond such devices.  Conversely, textbooks are eye friendly and do not cause such problems.

In conclusion, the use of tablets and textbooks has pros and cons as revealed in the essay. However, with the advancement in technology in the current society, it is better to use the tablets than textbooks due to the increased use of internet and virtual learning processes as compared to the physical classroom with textbooks that was embraced initially. Even though tablets seem to be expensive, their importance especially quick accessibility to information and interactive learning processes makes it more advantageous to be used in the current society than books. Besides, it can avail numerous textbooks which can be immediately updated and safely stored compared to the physical means of storage.

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