A Woman’s Place Is At Home (Argumentative Essay Sample)

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A woman’s Place is at Home

For a very long time, women have been left behind at homes with the responsibility of bringing up children as well as tidying the homestead. Initially, these women lacked education while only a minimal percentage excelled in schools at higher levels.  Irrespective of such skills, they were still denied the opportunity to access better employment as men did. However, the current society is embracing uplifting of women to move beyond the homestead boundaries and take up responsibilities that were considered for men.  Therefore, men should stop thinking that women are helpers and should stay at home since they are not workers. Instead, men should start embracing positive attitudes and behavior towards the development of women’s career. This might bring about stable relationship due to understanding and change of the behaviors towards the old societal norms of mistreating women. The essay herein presents an objection to the statement: “A woman’s place is in the house.”

In the past years, women have collectively made progress concerning social participation, politics, employment, and leadership. For example, we find women presidents and leaders of multinational organizations. These are some of the reasons why women should not stay in the house. Besides, the women who have managed to develop their source of income are financial independence.  Most women who stay at home entirely depend on their husbands for financial assistance. These women are unable to achieve their dreams. Besides, they cannot satisfy their needs due to inadequate financial aid. However, women who do not stay at home seek for further education as well as employment opportunities that make them stable. Consequently, these women become productive members of the society who also has self-discipline and ensure that their children get the best lives and education of their choices.

Secondly, women who struggle like men achieve their dreams in life. In most cases, these women have high self-esteem, live happily and can fulfill their needs. Through effective communication with other people, the women go beyond their family ties to meet the social needs which lead to a stable family as well as gains more respect from the husband and the society. However, in most cases, women who stay at home have low interpersonal skills due to depression and lack of interactions. They are left with the burden of bringing up children as well as managing domestic affairs instead of being breadwinners just like men.

Even though many people state that women joined the workforce during the World War II due to the absence of men who went to war hence they ought to stay at home, it is unethical to consent to such reasons pegging on the notion that they doubled their duties as breadwinners and cared for the family. However, this can be seen as the strength the women have in the society hence they should be allowed to exercise such strengths beyond their houses.  The women proved that they could run the American economy. Though the juvenile delinquency skyrocketed, it is not the women to be blamed since they strived to make both ends meet for the USA as a nation as well as their families. Such kind of dedication is not examined in men of the current society who conform to their work with no time to care for the family.

In conclusion, the current society is competitive with both men and women claiming equal rights hence people should stop thinking that women’s place is the house.  The women should be allowed to freely pursue their dreams and careers that will enhance their advancement in the society as well as ensure the development of civilization. On the same note, men should also share the responsibility of doing family chores to relieve the burden that women face in the house.

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