How To Write An Essay About Women In Business

How to write an essay about women in business

Women form a major segment in the business sector. They are often considered to be the best managers due to among other factors, their understanding nature and the fact that they often give a motherly ear to employees’ grievances. The business world has benefited immensely from the contribution made by many well-known businesswomen. In the current world where women are just as competent and confident as men, and where women have risen to influential positions, the business world has not been left behind. A paper on “women in business” will explore the extent to which the female gender has influence business in the world.

How to start an essay about  women in business

To begin an essay, the author will need to make up his mind on what he or she considers being key aspects of women’s involvement in business. Each section of the essay will convey specific ideas. One of the key parts of the essay is the introduction and the thesis of the paper. The introduction will take note of the fact that both men and women have prospered in business activities across the world. The contribution of the female gender has to be noted and appreciate by the author. The thesis statement, usually the last part of the introduction, will capture the author’s main argument or point of view regarding female input in business across globally. It will for instance state that “this essay looks at the role that women play in contributing to the growth of business activities across the world.”

How to write body paragraphs for an essay women in business

The author will start off the body of the essay by identifying examples of women who have succeeded in business ventures across the world. Such a list will not miss the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Meg Whitman, Ginni Rometty, Christine Lagarde, Indra Nooyi, Irene Rosenfeld, Marillyn Hewson, Patricia Woertz, Ursula Burns, and Mary Barra. Many more examples can be identified and the industries in which each of the women have excelled also need to be pointed out. The fact that women have excelled from diverse industries ranging from food and drinks industry to textile, information technology, energy and security sectors illustrates the diversity with which women can spearhead economic activities and contribute to its growth. A significant percentage of the firms listed on the Fortune Global 500 are led by women.

The next part of the essay can feature aspects that make women to succeed in business activities. This can take into account both personal characteristics associated with women, and their professional competence. Women’s personal characteristics have been cited in many instances as some of the factors that enable them to become better managers and CEO’s. They are known to be temperamental, a feature that they use to their advantage. Women are also known to form stronger bonds with their employees than men, and this is a feature that enables them to have a personal knowledge of their employees. Employees feel free to interact with female bosses and often feel more valued. When an employee has a pressing problem, a female boss is more willing to go out of her way to help such employees. Consequently, employees will invite their female bosses on occasions of happiness such as when they have birthdays or when celebrating the success of their children or family members and this strengthens the employee-employer relationship. They are also more cautious and more calculative when it comes to investing in risky ventures. The author will also point out the professional competencies women posses which enable them to succeed in business. Education, experience, and professional etiquette makes women as equally competent as men, and given that men hold over sixty percentage of the most influential positions in organizations globally, women often work twice as hard, they attend more trainings and workshops, and conduct themselves with more decorum to qualify for promotions. Once promoted, they steer the organizations to even greater heights.

The last part will recognize the contribution that women, through business activities, make towards the growth of the economy. As employees, women pay taxes to the government, a form of direct income to the government. As top-level managers and CEO’s, women provide job opportunities to millions of employees across the world. Some small scale business women also make their contribution. Women also form a large percentage of consumers as they purchase among others, beauty products and items that are used in homes on daily basis. In the current world where more girls are getting better grades and opting for business-related courses while others are fast advancing to senior management levels in organizations, the power and influence of women in business cannot be underestimated.

How to conclude an essay women in business

An effective conclusion for an essay will basically summarize the key aspects covered in the body of the paper. The successful business women’s traits and characteristics as well as the contribution that women make towards business and economic growth will be reiterated. Insisting on women as key drivers of the economy is critical in reaching an effectual conclusion.

Outline sample

Introduction and thesis – do women participate actively in business?

Body – Examples of influential female business leaders

  • Features that make women to standout in business
  • Women contribution to the economy through business

Conclusion – summary of main aspects

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