How to write an essay: the basics of college and university essay writting
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Essay Writing Help and Essay Basics

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We offer samples written in most common paper formats. In addition, you can find latest essay style guides as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard and more. You can download already pre-written samples at online service. We will assign you top essay helper who will address your paper for you.

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Techniques from Creative Writing You Can Use To Improve Your Essays

Students generally fear assignments and homework that require them to write essays. This can be attributed to the stereotypes with regards to essays that have been passed on from the old scholars to the current ones. Essays have been exhibited as the hard and extremely burdensome work that calls for a lot of reading and comprehension of many aspects of today’s life. While it is true that essays require an understanding of some aspects of the world, the part of them being hard is indeed flawed. Essay writers are often encouraged to ensure that their arguments are objective, and are backed by factual information which of course requires one to have an in-depth understanding of the topic at hand. Writing an essay can be a challenging exercise, but once one acquires the required skill and techniques, the task becomes easier. Essays and creative writing are different, but there are indeed some aspects of both that overlap and that can help one master the skills to write the other. This article outlines some of the techniques from creative writing that can help one improve and enhance their essay writing skills.

college student essay writing 02

Essay writers are advised to always consider their audience when they are writing. Readers are indeed the most important consideration in any writing, and without them, the essence of the entire writing process diminishes. In creative writing, writers are often advised to first understand their audience because this will help them communicate their message clearly. Essay writers are also advised to always factor in their audience and ensure that they keep them interested in their piece.

One also needs to ensure that their points flow and that they exhaustively elucidate on each argument. Every argument needs to be explained in portions with an introduction-like part body-like part as well as a conclusion. Readers need to be able to follow the writer’s argument and understand the point being made.

When writing an essay, one should also make sure that they have a dramatic and unusual introduction. Essay writers often decide to cling onto the same introductory formulas they were taught, and this makes them predictable and normal. One needs to ensure that they do not always conform to the writing norms, and try other ‘unusual’ writing tips like having a different introduction than is expected.

Proofreading and writing one or two drafts can also help one amend some simple grammatical and composition errors. One can also re-arrange their points while going through their work and make it more appealing to the readers. This, of course, seems like repetition and a lot of work to some people, but developing this habit during writing will indeed help essay writers become better.

Essay writers often tend to be flat and mean in providing their readers with some details, for example, setting and location. In some instances, like when writing scientific essays, one can deliberately leave out such detail, but in some subjects, readers often relate well with one’s work if they are given information that mirrors either their location or setting.

Use of analogies is also something that essay writers can borrow from creative writers. In creative writing, artificial analogies are used, but since essays are factual, one needs to make sure that they use analogies that their readership can easily comprehend. When using analogies, every writer needs to ensure that their idea is still being communicated.

Ideas do not respect time, and some of the existing inventions of the world were once ideas that dawned on the inventors in very awkward moments. It is, therefore, crucial for essay writers to always be aware of their surroundings and record any new ideas that might spring to mind. Creative writing and essay writing are different in many aspects, but the above creative writing techniques can help essay writers make their articles memorable and interesting to their readership.

Tips on Writing a Great Essay

Some students find writing essays hard because they focus on achieving the grade and what they think their professor would like. Though it is important to bear in mind such thoughts while writing an essay, they exert external pressure inhibiting creativity while writing the essay and therefore, the essay fails to be the very best. Here below are some of the tips a student might consider if he/she has to write a great essay.

college student essay writing 01

The student should treat the essay just like a story and have fun while writing it. Narrating your ideas in a coherent way the way you perceive them makes the essay flow just like a story. As a student, push aside all thoughts about the pressure to deliver the essay and focus on the ways you would let yourself have fun while writing the essay. Enjoying writing your essay opens up subconscious mind for creativity and not only makes the essay unique but also interesting to read as it gives a personal perspective of the writer. To avoid writing what you think your professor wants to read, instead, focus on what fascinates you about the subject. That way, the essay becomes original, interesting and relevant and fetches better grades than struggling to impress the reader with the information you think he requires.

Sometimes writing an essay can be overwhelming and writing a five-paragraph essay can be helpful. The standard format is having an introduction, three body paragraph each presenting an idea. Each of the three body paragraphs has a thesis statement and several other sentences to build on the thesis statement with the last of them leading to the next sentence. The last sentence of the third paragraph leads to the conclusion which wraps up the content of the essay. A simple trick of writing faster and interesting essay is writing the body first, introduction and the conclusions last since the introduction and conclusion are dependent on the content of the body. Including sources in the essay not only makes the essay scholarly but also demonstrates in-depth research into writing it. Making an essay resource heavy is also dependent on the professor but it is also a good way of avoiding plagiarism.

It is important when writing an essay to answer the question ‘how?’. The essay becomes an answer to your question and avoids struggling to insert content into the essay which is irrelevant. Do not limit your creativity by making one single argument when presenting your ideas but rather ‘dance’ around with the topic then refine the content when proofreading. Dancing around with the topic allows you to be creative and freedom which is important when you need to have interesting, creative and relevant content. Avoid some phrases and words which lower the quality of your essay like clichés. Ensure all quantitative and statistical content is accompanied by well-researched facts to avoid poor wording that does not add to the content. Avoid writing an essay from the first person unless absolutely necessary or when presenting a personal perspective or idea. Some sources like Wikipedia are regarded to be low quality and therefore to be on the safe side you can avoid citing them though they can be a good source to start the research. They also offer links to credible sources which can be included in the essay.

essay tips table

Concisely, considering the aforementioned tips on writing great essays can help improve your writing. The above points can transform your writing to something you want to do rather than something you have to do. It can also help you lift the mentality that writing essays are hard and demanding task.

700 Argumentative Essay Topics

700 Argumentative Essay Topics

When it comes to essay writing professors usually supply students with topics to write about. However, there are cases when a student is free to write on any topic he wishes. The first step is where a great number of students get stuck. What topic to write about? The topic must be interesting, the topic must be essential and finally the topic must be informative.


We’ve done a great job on thinking about some interesting topics for you. We tried to come up with the topics that concern our everyday life at the same time will not sound ordinary. Check out this list of topics that are grouped by different subject areas and choose something that fits you. We want you to make your final decision by saying “Here we go! This is a perfect topic for my upcoming essay!”  Have fun with your writing assignment!

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100 Argumentative Essay Topics

essay topic generator tool


  1. Is rugby dangerous?
  2. Are footballers overpaid?
  3. Is athletics underrated?
  4. Is golf fun?
  5. Is golf only meant for the rich in the society?
  6. Where does golf get its revenue?
  7. Is swimming healthy?


  1. Are we becoming technological zombies?
  2. Will there come a time when there will be no innovation and technological advancement?
  3. Is the current technology too advanced for us?
  4. Are mobile phones killing authenticity?
  5. Will robots make us lazier or more efficient?
  6. What should be the actual cost of technology?
  7. Are technological gadgets, the leading cause of cancer?
  8. Is this the age of digital explosion?
  9. Can the chip control the mind too?
  10. Is FaceBook a great invention or the end of privacy?
  11. Communication in social networks: is it a good invention or the end of good communication?
  12. Impacts of cell phones on people: its pros and cons.
  13. Are we too much reliant on technology?


  1. Are politicians corrupt?
  2. How do politicians gain influence?
  3. Do some politicians engage in illegal activities?
  4. Is the government doing enough to curb corruption?
  5. Is the president supreme?
  6. Is there anyone above the law?
  7. Are the physically disabled considered in government?
  8. Is the government overspending?
  9. Does the government influence court decisions?
  10. Is the government right in all its policies?
  11. Pros of Monarchy.
  12. Advantages and disadvantages of conservatism.
  13. Democracy: is it the only option for governing?
  14. Can the politicians do better?
  15. Is politics an art?
  16. Is politics a ‘clean’ game?

Dating and Sex

  1. Is there a right age to start having sex?
  2. What should be the role of the partners in a relationship?
  3. Is polygamy or polyandry, a form of relationship?
  4. Should homosexuality be legalized in every country?
  5. What should one do if sex is too painful?
  6. The civil marriage and what it entails?
  7. Is online dating fruitful?
  8. Is it proper to join dating sites and dating clubs to get a partner?
  9. What is the best way to solve issues in a relationship?
  10. Is it okay to date a younger man?
  11. What should be the maximum age gap between partners in a relationship?
  12. After how many dates should sex happen?
  13. Are phones the chief reason for most relationship issues?
  14. Is communication the most important element of dating?
  15. Is it proper to date different races?
  16. What is incest?
  17. Are long distance relationships effective?
  18. Is sex education important?
  19. How does cheating impact relationship?
  20. Is it wrong to date your boss?
  21. Must there be love for sex to happen?
  22. Long distance relationships.
  23. Sex and violence: is it acceptable on TV?
  24. Marriage life: does it lead to a routine?
  25. The choice between sexual freedom and morality.
  26. Is there gender equality?
  27. Are there supposed to be specific roles for each gender?
  28. Is there a stronger and weaker sex?
  29. Are there specific jobs and careers for each gender?
  30. Is there gender discrimination in religion?
  31. Feminism and its positive and negative impacts on the lives of women.
  32. Who are more intelligent: men or women?
  33. Can men and women be friends?
  34. Military service and gender.


  1. Does art pay?
  2. What are the challenges faced by artists?
  3. Is art a profession?
  4. How can artists market their work?
  5. Is art gender-specific or age restrictions?
  6. Is gothic art the best in history?
  7. Can modern art be considered as art?
  8. Is graffiti a part of art?

Music and Movies

  1. Is today’s music educational?
  2. Are musicians right to sing in both secular and religious genres?
  3. Why are women used in most songs?
  4. Why do people like secular more than religious songs?
  5. How do musicians make money?
  6. Is music a profession?
  7. How long should a movie take?
  8. Is music appropriate for all ages?

Internet and Social Media

  1. Can you get genuine friends online?
  2. How do social media affect behavior?
  3. Is online business profitable?
  4. How does one avoid fraud on the internet?
  5. Is there online bullying?
  6. Should parents monitor what their kids are doing online?
  7. Should parents be on social sites?
  8. Is online privacy important?
  9. What are the risks of online transactions?
  10. Can we trace someone online?
  11. Is censorship of internet necessary?
  12. The unfair presentation of facts by mass media  and should it be punishable?

International Relations

  1. Is the U.S being too lenient on Israel?
  2. What should be done in the case of Syria and ISIS?
  3. Is Russia supporting the ‘bad guys?’
  4. How can the problem in Kashmir be solved?
  5. Is the world turning a blind eye on South Sudan?
  6. The third world war – is it possible?
  7. What are the impacts of the contracting Chinese economy?
  8. Is China a genuine superpower?
  9. Who is wrong, between North and South Korea?
  10. Is Iraq a failed state?
  11. The issue between Israel and Palestine.
  12. Is Somalia fast becoming a terrorist hub?
  13. How can the world combat terrorism?
  14. The war in Iraq and the questions for and against it.
  15. Is pacifism utopia or the real way to peace?
  16. Globalizations: its pros and cons.

Law enforcement and Justice System

  1. Should court proceedings be televised?
  2. The possibility of eliminating judicial errors.
  3. Adoption of children by gay couples.
  4. Punishment of desecration of religious objects.
  5. The most suitable age for voting.
  6. Are the police justified to use live ammunition?
  7. Military service: should be compulsory?
  8. Is drug testing in the workplace a violation of your rights?
  9. Is it right for someone to be judged in a foreign country?
  10. Should the drinking age be increased or reduced?
  11. Should the driving age be increased or reduced?
  12. Is the International Criminal Court fair in its judgments?
  13. What is alimony and who should pay it?
  14. What should be done to improve the police force?
  15. Gay marriage: Should it be accepted in all the democratic nations?
  16. Is it proper to merge the police and the army?
  17. Laws prohibiting the use of heroin: Should they also be applied to tobacco?
  18. Generally, is there justice?
  19. Advertising of alcohol and whether it should be prohibited.
  20. Should voluntary euthanasia be legalized?
  21. Should marijuana be legalized?
  22. Is maintenance of law and order, relative?
  23. Is capital punishment a thing of the past?
  24. Use of cell phones while driving: is it acceptable or should it be banned?

Parenting and Childhood

  1. What is the right age to give birth?
  2. Are there any complications with late parenthood?
  3. Just which is the best way to discipline a kid?
  4. How should adolescents be handled?
  5. Should parents go for further training in parenthood?
  6. Is it right to house your child past the age of 30?
  7. What should a parent do, if the child is consistently rude?
  8. Should failed parenting be criminalized?
  9. Should there be distinction of duties between the parents?
  10. How should a single parent play both roles of father and mother, to the child?
  11. Should we reward our children for good conduct?
  12. Is extreme pampering dangerous for our kids?
  13. What should a parent do to protect the kid from bad company?
  14. How can parents nurture talent?
  15. Motherhood and the most suitable age.
  16. Small or large families: The best alternative for children.

Current Generation

  1. Is this the most immoral generation in history?
  2. Are we slowly getting swallowed with our own arrogance?
  3. How can the current generation be properly managed?
  4. Is this generation a product of experimental parenting?
  5. Is there the relation that was there in the past, at present?
  6. Necessity of school uniform.
  7. Teen marriages and should they be allowed.
  8. What is the effect of violent games in real life?

Religion and Spirituality

  1. Just what is the meaning of the word ‘evil?’
  2. Relevance of all religions: are they all good?
  3. Is there anyone righteous in the word at the moment?
  4. Which religion is right?
  5. Is there heaven and hell?
  6. Atheism as a religion.
  7. Is there God?
  8. Why are there so many religions in the world now?
  9. Why did Christianity split into so many distinct religions as there are now?
  10. Is yoga more spiritual than fasting?
  11. Are today’s pastors genuine?
  12. What happens, or where do people go, after they die?
  13. Is death final? If God is there, why are people suffering so much?
  14. Why do Christians get divorced at almost the same rate as non-Christians?
  15. Why do different prophets preach contradictory teachings?
  16. Why is Islam preaching violence yet it is a religion of peace?
  17. Does the soul exist?
  18. Is reincarnation real?
  19. What is karma?
  20. Why were we created?
  21. Why is there too much evil in this world?
  22. Is the Sabbath controversial?
  23. Is it a mandatory to go to respective places of worship?

Morality and Responsibility

  1. Who should be in charge of one’s morality?
  2. Is there a perfect punishment for immorality?
  3. Are the current religions guiding people in the right direction?
  4. What is the meaning of life?
  5. Did we come from one creator?
  6. Is black PR acceptable?
  7. Contraceptives and birth control.
  8. Are security cameras an infringement of privacy?
  9. Ethics issues affecting prolonging of people’s lives by scientists.
  10. Banning of pornography.
  11. Is mankind losing its morality?
  12. What is the reason why people don’t live up to their full potential?
  13. Is peer pressure bad?
  14. Where did the universe originate from?
  15. How does one build self – esteem?
  16. Is personality important in the image of a person?
  17. Is abortion a form of murder?
  18. Is Euthanasia a form of mercy killing or a crime?
  19. Pros and cons of hunting.
  20. Right to murder and the society.
  21. How important is the education on patriotism?
  22. Animal testing: A necessity or savageness.
  23. Is keeping animals in zoos acceptable?
  24. The morals behind cloning.
  25. Necessity of death penalty: is it a vestige of the past?
  26. Suicide is a brave act of cowardice.


  1. Is education becoming useless?
  2. Is plagiarism a serious crime as it is put to be?
  3. Corporal punishment in schools.
  4. What is worse, exam cheating or boycotting?
  5. Is the current education system relevant?
  6. University degree: is it necessary for success?
  7. Are colleges churning out half-baked professionals?
  8. Importance of mandatory physical education for students?
  9. Is homeschooling considered as a basic form of schooling?
  10. Has education become so much commercialized?
  11. Is academic grading helpful in performance?
  12. Should boarding in schools be banned?
  13. How can a student acquire all-round education?
  14. Should there be specific dress codes in schools?
  15. Should education be mandatory?
  16. Is online education important?
  17. Should education be privatized?
  18. Sex education in schools: should it be halted or increased?
  19. Video games at school.
  20. Education and its importance in the developing of a country.

Jobs and Careers

  1. Should a parent choose the career for the child?
  2. Are some careers better than others?
  3. Can one do a career he/she has not studied?
  4. Why are other professions paying than others?
  5. How long should a person work in a day?
  6. Should there be a dressing code for each profession?
  7. What is the best profession?

Health and Nutrition

  1. How much protein should be taken in a day?
  2. What is the diet of a pregnant woman?
  3. What is the best way to slim or gain weight?
  4. What is the ideal amount of water for a healthy person?
  5. What causes cancer?
  6. What is the best meal for a diabetic patient?
  7. Vegetarianism and health?
  8. Are traditional and alternative medicines reliable?
  9. Is fast food beneficial or detrimental?
  10. Can man live without eating meat?
  11. Stimulants used by sports people.
  12. Going to hospital and self-treatment.
  13. Is being broke a habit?


  1. Are we alone in the universe?
  2. How big is the universe?
  3. Is there a connection between science and religion?
  4. How can we prove that the earth revolves?
  5. Is there life on moon?
  6. Darwinism.
  7. Different theories to explain the origin of the universe.
  8. Are there stars that are bigger than the sun?
  9. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
  10. How did the continents split?
  11. Is there some language for animals?
  12. How did the ancients use science?
  13. Is there any science behind life?
  14. Nuclear energy and safety issues.
  15. Importance of alternative sources of energy.
  16. Is genetic research improving or destroying the lives of people?
  17. Is global warming a belief or a real danger?


  1. What is the best place to go on a date?
  2. What is the greatest bargain you have ever got?
  3. Can hiking happen at night?
  4. Is rock climbing dangerous?
  5. What should be the appropriate dressing code for church?
  6. Is the current trend in fashion attractive?
  7. Should there be a measure of just how far fashion should go?
  8. Is the present fashion better than the ancient one?
  9. What is the appropriate manner to prepare for a dinner date?
  10. Are high heels good for the body?
  11. Destruction of forests as a crime against the planet.
  12. The different views of the bombing of Hirosima and Nagasaki.
  13. Rainforests and why their destruction should be prohibited.
  14. Wealth and happiness.
  15. Most suitable age to find friends.
  16. Possibility of having everyone in the world as rich.
  17. Our ideas and their influence on the world.
  18. Pros and cons of living in the city or in the country side.

Argumentative Topics on Essay Topic Generator Tool (it’s free!)


The Conclusion:

 The above-mentioned topic selection can give you a clear understanding of what to write about. All you need to do is to pick the topic you are comfortable with and elaborate on it: develop a thesis and fully open it up. Please remember to write a strong conclusion to your paper. This will help sum everything up. Thank you.

How to Write a Personal Essay

A personal essay is a personal narrative in which one writes about a personal career goals and life experiences. It is criticall to know how to write one so I avoid hiring someone else to write a personal essay for me.Personal essay is usually an opportunity for one to convey who they are to their, what they value, and why they think they are the best candidates. Since many different people could have the same experiences and similar academic credentials, a personal essay is usually particular and rarely can two people can have the same background, outlook, ideas or even present this information in the same way. Therefore, essay writing is an opportunity for one to impress the reviewing committee in a unique way.

Young college students talking and studying for university exam

Personal essay format

There is no particular format for writing a personal essay. However, there are some important details that should be considered for any essay to be successful. Every statement in a personal essay should be honest, precise and specific. This means that no false information about oneself should be represented. There should be no grammar mistakes so as to avoid giving the committee any reason to doubt one’s capability.

How to write personal essay

Essay writing is a process that has several stages. It should start by one writing down an outline of the things they want to convey in their essay. These include ones major career goals, academic goals, life experiences especially the ones that have influenced one’s decisions, ones role in the society after achieving their career goals and anything else that one feels it would presenting  them as the best candidate.

The next step is to organize this information into an essay. The essay should include three parts. The first part should be one’s introduction. This is included in the first paragraph. The introduction should catch the reader’s attention and entice them to continue reading. It should be creative. One should come out clearly on what their major career goal is.

 The second part of the essay is the body. It is the main part of the essay writing. It should have two to three paragraphs. This is where one puts down their life experiences, accomplishments and the reason they need to be considered as the best candidate. It should cover everything that one wants to state in their essay. One should also state some of the significant challenges they have had in their lives and how they have overcome them.

 The third part is the conclusion. This should be one paragraph. One should express gratitude in advance to the committee for reviewing their application. One should also state how the being the chosen candidate would make them useful to the society.

College students studying together in a library

Personal essay useful tips

A personal essay should be in electronic form. One should make it brief and easy to ready. It should not exceed two pages. This is because the reviewing committee has little time to give to your essay considering the number of personal essays they receive on their desk. The reader should be able to grasp the most important details of the essay with the first reading. The font face and font style should essay to read. Double spacing would make the easy to read. It is good to give your personal essay to a professor to review and make corrections before submitting it.

 Personal essay sample

An example of a part of a personal essay would be: “I am looking forward to be admitted to college for a business course. I started several small scale businesses after high school. I want to gain knowledge in business skills that will help me scale up my business.” This clearly outlines your major career goal.


Personal essay writing is not an easy process. One should read wide on how to write a personal essay. Writing a personal essay requires that one be honest with themselves. One should read their personal essay loudly to ensure that it takes the shortest time possible and that it also impresses them. This will give them some confidence while submitting it for review.

College Essay Help

An essay is a short literal composition on a particular theme or subject usually in prose and analytic, speculative or interpretative. Persuasive essays convince the reader to adopt your position on an issue or a point of view, rationale and argument are very important because you are presenting your opinion and trying to persuade the readers and want to win over your opinion. Analytical college papers analyze, examine and interpret things. Always have an introduction and presentation of argument, personal response and analysis of text and avoid using slang. Just as in,” help with college essays”. Argumentative papers prove your opinion, theory and hypothesis about an issue. Narrative essays narrate to readers, making the story vivid and engaging as you can.


The essay writing rules

Always keep subjectivity to a minimum in that your points are always supported, referenced and written in the third person. Blank statements should be avoided for it is not good enough to make a generalization but always present evidence. In “I need help writing an essay,” the font size should be Times Roman or Ariel, and double spacing should be used. College papers should be in continuous prose and points be discussed instead of bulleting them. Papers should have a definite introduction and conclusion of about one paragraph each with the main body in between. Paragraphs should be specific every new point should be written in a new paragraph.


The basic essay formats

An introduction that will catch and hook up the interest of the reader and introduce the topic to the reader is vital just like in help with college essay  and it should also give the background information of the topic. The thesis states the main idea and acts as a roadmap of the entire paper showing readers what you have to say with main points. The body supports main points presented in the thesis, and each point should be developed by one or more paragraphs and supported with details. One should include transitions that will connect paragraphs to each other and the thesis. The conclusion should bring together all the main points of the college essay. Refers to thesis statement and leaves readers with a final thought by resolving ideas brought up in the college paper like in, help writing an essay.


Essay writing tips

You should start writing earlier to cut down anxiety, beat procrastination and give time to develop new ideas just like in”college essay help”. Keeping of paper question in mind helps one not to lose track of the question or track and to keep a copy as you argue, draft or even edit the paper. Do not try to write the paper from the beginning to the end on one sitting instead start with the body and work paragraph by paragraph then write an introduction and a conclusion after finishing the body. Integrate evidence carefully by introducing quotations and paraphrasing. Revising of your first draft extensively is very important because this makes sure that the entire essay flows and paragraphs are in logic order. Putting paper aside for a few days allows you consider your college papers and edit it with afresh eye and mind. One should be careful of where to quote and where to paraphrase.

Why you need an essay help

In cases of tough topics and one finds it impossible to collect data on the same,” best essay help” proves to be vital in,” paper writing”. One may be suffering from blocks of writers and may have poor research skills,” essay writing help” will be of great help. One may be feeling cut off from the world because you have to spend more time on writing papers and cannot find time to hang out with friends. Maybe you have a full-time job because you have to support yourself and pay bills thus badly need college essay help, or you may have various courses and completely occupied hence looking for help from the professionals.

Popular mistakes with essays

In most cases, one may be using inconsistent tense in the college essays hence creating grammatical errors. There might be no thesis, or it may not be related to the question or it keeps on reaping itself. The evidence is mostly forgotten, at times one may not be specific, evidence may be given to the wrong thesis, imbalanced or even be of insufficient quantity,” college essay writing help” is effective here. One may forget to analyze his or her paper and comparison may not be there at all or be implied not explicit. Using of quantifiers in beginning a new sentence and wrong use of the semicolon should be corrected. One may mostly use incomplete sentences and quoting instead of paraphrasing. Using of the first person and the second person a lot. The title sometimes may not reflect the content one is writing on. Using of short forms during paper writing. At times, conclusions are forgotten. Plagiarism is a major mistake that most college students make for they want to finish their assignments faster and end up copy pasting. Punctuation problems and spelling errors are common.

How essay can help you and college papers writing help

Essay help can help one to identify the common mistakes that are made when writing and finding their solution. It helps in the editing of the college papers and gives greater ideas on how to write essays for college. Gives clear instructions of how to handle essays in case of exams, how to analyze and even argue to a point of winning the reader to agree with your opinion. College essays writing help play a major role in” college application essay help” to direct the college students on how to write application essays that would rank them the best and give them chances of being selected in cases of admission application.


 Big words and small words should not be used instead the right words should be used while writing essays. One should proofread their essays to correct some common mistakes like inconsistent tenses and by “college essay writing help,” such errors are corrected. Precise evidence should be given to convince the readers to be equally minded with your argument. Following the essay writing tips makes one have a greater chance of being a good and competitive essay writer. Always break down your thesis into paragraphs and find evidence to support your statements just as in.” help me write my essay.”

How to Get Free Essay Help Online

The growing number of online tools and websites offering free essay help and writing services is completely overwhelming. These online tools mainly aim to help students improve their essay writing and grammar skills. This article aims to assists students and other people looking to improve on their essay writing skills get free essay help online by accessing some of the most effective essay help tools and websites. The article compiles five of the best tools currently available.

 Guide to Grammar and Writing

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Guide to Grammar and Writing ( is highly beneficial free online essay-writing and grammar tool that enables students of all educational level perfect their essay writing skills. The tool offer wide range of essay writing services including paper formatting, paragraphing, word selection, and grammar among other services associated with essay writing. The tool is sponsored by the nonprofit organization, Capital Community College Foundation, an organization that has been fighting to help student achieve their educational goals. The tool, therefore, is extremely beneficial for students.

paperrater PaperRater is an online proofreading tool that help student analyze and polish their essays. The tool enables users to view detailed statistics about their grammar, spelling, word choice, and many more. The main advantage of this tool is that it enables users to analyze and get result in real-time. The tool is also simple to use, as an individual only has to copy the text on their paper then paste them on the tool. Once the text is pasted, the tool will analyze it in order to help student identify several grammatical and spelling errors in the text. From then on, the user will be able to correct all the errors in the essay. This tool, therefore, is extremely helpful to students who aim to improve on their ability to write error-free essays.


Paraphrasing tool is a tool that enables students to rewrite or paraphrase their essays. This tool is particularly beneficial for students and individuals seeking help on how they could rewrite their essays in order to avoid plagiarism. The tool not only helps individuals to paraphrase their texts, but also enable them to learn, but also enables them acquire the skills of writing original and plagiarism free texts.

Dr Ultimate Essay Writer

Dr Ultimate Essay Writer  is an online academic tool that helps students writes an essay article. The tool works by helping users research and find the essay topic, paraphrasing the information available online as well as adding references to the essay in order to make it look professional. User must download and run the software first in order to use it; however, they must be online or connected to the internet to be able to use the software, The main benefit of this tool is that it is very first and efficient; therefore, it enables users to save time while writing their essays.

In conclusion, students and other individuals aiming to improve on their essay writing and grammar should consider accessing these five tools. In essence, by using the tools the student would realize wide range of benefits including better essay writing skills.

My Essay Help: General Essay Writing Tips

Essays are an integral part of almost everyone’s life. Students have to write them, parents to read through and lecturers to grade them. There are also those who take up careers in writing. These writing jobs can be in the capacities of transcribers who convert audios and video files into written word, career essay writers, novelists and playwrights just to name a few. What is common among these different writers is the need for flexibility.

Essaywriting Basics

This means that as a writer, one has time constraints to beat and therefore portability of the gadget or writing tool is essential. There are writing tools that are browser based which can solve both the flexibility and portability issues. This is because one can access their essay from anywhere without necessarily having the original gadget. This essay gives writing essay basic tips for better written work. It is obvious that any writer should arrange her ideas in a coherent manner. This may sound easy but it is much harder than it seems. Luckily there are several tools that one can use to develop and arrange ideas. These can be mind mapping applications, idea management tools like Wridea and web based notebooks like cherry tree.


The first thing that one considers is the text editor. It should be cluster free and easy to use. Quabel and WriteApp are two such editors. The editor should also be edit-lockable. This normally helps the writer stay focused on writing and do the editing later as one can set a predetermined time limit which has to elapse before one can edit their document. Ilys is an example of an affordable editor that can be easily edit-locked. If one’s editor does not have the word count capability, one can use wordcounter. This is important as most essays normally have a required minimum and maximum threshold. Formatting plays can be a headache and a time-consuming effort.

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This is however a thing of the past as applications like Plotbot can be used to format class plays leaving the writer with less to worry about. BibMe helps students come up with a bibliography page without the hustle of having to type the needed works out. It also helps with citations as specified by the user. In the spirit of staying focused so that one can finish the set essays on time, one can invest in website blockers such as StayFocusd and LeechBlock. Everyone suffers from procrastination. Writers, especially students are worst hit by this yet their work is the most sensitive. Procrastination comes in many forms and is at times referred to as writers’ block. To better manage time and produce better outputs one can use pomodoro technique. It is a technique that times time for performing a set task interchanged with rest intervals. One can either use a timer for this or tomatoes website. One can also deal with writers’ block through proper use of writing prompts. These are normally interesting sites that give you different tasks to work on. As much as this might be unrelated to what one might be writing at the moment, they keep the imagination and creative juices flowing. These are just a few of the many tools disposable to students today. If properly used, they have the capability of turning a mediocre writer into a great one. Here’s to hoping you utilize at least a few.

How to Get Math Homework Help

Studying Mathematics demands dedication and comprehension of its subject areas. Therefore, challenges faced by students in mathematics require an extra effort in seeking proper attention to this problem. It follows that such a need leaves students hunting for resources that would create a better understanding in mathematics. Resources necessary to provide valuable information to many challenges in the course study of mathematics have wide accessibility.

mat help online

In essence, these sources are available for students and are substantial in improving their skills. Students who register low grades in math are primarily advised to seek more practice in the affected area. Mathematics is comprised of primary and supplementary topics that many students do not understand after introduction. Therefore, students can get help with homework in mathematics using video resources, mathematics labs, and math tutors.

Mathematics Labs

The first option for students to get help with homework in mathematics is using math labs because they are designated for discussions on the subject. In such labs, most students are interested in carrying out pool discussions for challenging problems. Additionally, the labs also have groups of Math whizzes and skilled math students who offer assistance on an array of topics in mathematics.

Critical to the discussion is the reality that the student has to post the problem on the lab and wait for the discussion to begin. The student can then follow up on the discussion by contributing to the discussion or asking for clarification where necessary. In short, math labs can be useful resources for help with mathematics problems.

Video Sources

It is notable that video resources can also be useful to students who need help on problems in mathematics. This owes to the reality that such resources provide systematic solution to different problems on the subject. It is crucial to highlight that institutional websites could have videos on how to solve different problems in mathematics. Nonetheless, such videos are limited to students within the same institutions.


Students from different institutions could access the videos by paying a fee for the videos. Apart from video resources from institutions, students can access free video resources from sites such as YouTube and Khan Academy. However, video resources do not provide students with an avenue for seeking clarification when required.

Math Tutors

Tutors who are accessible through social media are also a vital tool in addressing math homework challenges. They sell their services to students and willing candidates thus, by helping students to understand mathematics. The tutors are professionally qualified individuals and have the necessary certification for this kind of interaction. They render their services both physically and online, giving students different experiences. Further, students can have direct conversations with the tutors using social media application such as Skype or phone conversations. Here, the tutor and student share their views in Skype’s live chat sessions. This advancement has enabled many students with challenges in math homework deliver better grades.

It is clear that mathematics is a challenging subject for most students. However, students can get help for homework in mathematics using video resources, mathematics tutors, and math labs. This owes to the reality that this article discusses how students can use each of the mentioned resources to get help on homework in mathematics. It is crucial that the internet is the main source of help because it enables students to access math labs, video resources, and tutors. In short, students can improve their mathematics grades by utilizing math labs, video resources, and tutors.

How To Write A College Essay

It is a beautiful irony that one has to write admission essays to be admitted into an institution where they are expected to churn out more. It does not matter whether it is a mission statement, vision statement or admission request into a college for a specified program. A lot rides on that first paper. A lot of books and blogs have been written about writing these papers. But it all boils down to a few basic tips which this article will try to explore. This is all the college’ essay help anyone ever needed. Writing essays might be deemed hard but it is certainly not rocket science.

college essay

This means that one can write without the associated burnout and stress. But one at least needs to know how to go about it. There are many professional writing companies that one can hire to do these tasks for them. As much as one might be in deep with sloth, if it is a specific personal essay, it is better to do it yourself. One can then hire help for all the other academic research school essays. Besides, writing is an art that one can learn when armed with the right tools and rules. This will both save on money, which is important since all college students are always cash strapped, and give one a sense of satisfaction on successful completion of the task.

About Brevity and Concision

When applying for a position in a scholarly institution, it is tempting to break out the jargon and the hard words so as to impress the judging bodies that be. This is the wrong thing to do. What one should do instead is express themselves clearly and in the simplest language possible. It might seem obvious that any essay as a rule of thumb should be grammatically correct with no misspells but it is not.

college essay help

This means that the writer should proofread their work. They should also feel free to consult a thesaurus, online dictionary or Google if in doubt of how to use a word or construct a sentence. Just like in formal speech, use of the passive voice while writing is discouraged. It is always better to use the active voice. It is also advised to use the least number of words possible. Wordiness does not guarantee clarity of content. More often than not, it has the opposite effect. It is equally important to run away from clichés and popular figures of speech. These have a tendency of giving the essay an impersonalized feel. In describing one’s personal attributes, it is important to be specific and not generalize. This applies in academic research essays too. One should give a precise answer without taking the audience round in circles with no clear end or goal in sight. It is equally important for the writer to put on the shoes of the audience. How many essays has the lecturer graded and will their paper stand out or seem as generic as the rest of the lot? What would make someone read and prefer their content to the next person’s. Last but not least, the content should be unique. One can make sure of this by running the essay through plagiarism checkers right before submission. Most of the plagiarism checkers are free. There are even some which can also help with citations and formatting. If one takes all these pointers into account, they are guaranteed to churn an above average essay. Happy writing everyone!

Online Essay Help and ABCs of Writing

Writing is not as easy as many people think it is. It is hard. But it is well worth the effort. It can also be very frustrating especially if one has a goal in mind but no idea how to get there. This is why this essay was written. It is to be the scroll that college writers live by, the guidebook to writing and submitting stellar essays. It gives the basic tips to follow so that writing is no longer such a backbreaking exercise. You might be asking why you have to write your essay yourself. Well, you do not. There are many websites which offer essay help online. This help may be in form of thesis titles, plagiarism checking, proper citations and formatting or even someone else doing the whole essay for you. The latter is not recommended due to many ethical reasons. Besides, that would only be a copout that would also rob the student off the sense of accomplishment that follows the completion of a hard task. But if it is absolutely necessary to go down this route, it is necessary to at least know how to write a good essay. This will help recognize effort and good work especially when subcontracting. At least one can be able to tell if the hired essay writing help is worth the money.



As a college student, one has many essays to write ranging from dissertations and thesis statements to simple class presentations. The first thing to consider when writing all or any of this is the research needed and the time allocated. Most essays have a hand in date by which all papers are supposed to be submitted. This means that the student should be able to plan their time wisely so that they have time to do extensive research and write the paper well. It is however very important to first identify a specific research area or topic before diving in. In most cases, the essay may outline what one needs to research on. But there are times when one is expected to come up with a research project themselves. Most students for instance are supposed to come up with their thesis subjects and papers at the end of every academic year. It is important to use reliable sources as research. You Tube and Wikipedia for instance are not reliable sources for any data. Scholarly articles and any peer reviewed work are definitely reliable research sources. After doing proper research, the writing should begin. One should write in simple English. The sentences should be brief, clear and to the point. Proper sentence structure and punctuation is something easy to overlook but equally important. Typos and grammatical errors are to be avoided. This means that the writer should proof read their work. Several times actually. They should also enlist someone else in the role of pseudo-editor. This person is the fresh set of eyes and insight into the project. They are supposed to read and offer useful critiques that can make the work a better masterpiece. Formatting and proper citations cannot be overemphasized. This means that the student should format the work according to the lecturer’s specifications.  It is important to run the essay through a plagiarism checker before submitting it. This normally alerts the writer to non-unique parts that need re-wording or the presence of missing citations. It is important to keep the word count. This means that one should reach the minimum threshold but not exceed it by much. All these tips adhered too, is a fail-safe plan to a stellar paper.