How to write a Creative Reflective Essay Thesis?

reflective-essay-thesisUniversity and college students often have to write essays as part of their academic curriculum. While some students are pretty used to writing academic papers and essays, majority of students struggle with compiling proper thesis statement for their reflective essays.

What is a Creative Reflective Essay Thesis?

A creative reflective essay thesis statement sums up the idea of the whole essay in one or two sentences. In spite of the small amount of information, described in the thesis statement, it takes a lot of time to create a really good one. To be successful, you should take into consideration some fundamental rules of thesis statement writing.

Keep in mind, reflective essay template requires a student to talk using first-person viewpoint, to describe thoughts and feelings he has experienced. The main idea of the thesis statement is to compel the reader.

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Key Rules of Successful Reflective Essay Thesis Statements

  1. Concision and clarity in writing must be the focus. The main purpose of your writing should be a desire to enhance the value of your reflective essay thesis statement. Keep in mind, thesis statement gives a tone to the rest of the essay. It presents your written work and it is responsible for good or bad first impression about the paper. Try to avoid passive statements and stick to clear ideas upon which you can elaborate your future essay ideas.
  2. Write a thesis statement that will support your further reflective essay discussion. Get rid of generalizations, meaning readers are tired of already-made opinions. Do your best to be original. Create statements that will catch readers’ attention and arouse their interest. You can write about something that goes against popular opinion or invokes contradiction.
  3. Make sure that the reflective essay thesis statement correlates with your own experience. Avoid stating the general information or objective facts such as “two plus two is four”. Make sure that your thesis is subjective enough to grasp readers’ interest. Do your best to present fresh consideration of the idea. You can do that by filling it with your own reflection, encompassing your whole experiences.

You can study reflective essay thesis examples if you are still not sure whether you’re doing it right.  reflective-essay-thesis

Reflective Essay Thesis Statement Examples

Reflective essay thesis statement examples fall into 3 basic types:

–       Analytical type of thesis statement is used when the essay’s topic requires additional analysis. The writer is supposed to evaluate the chosen topic by providing at least 2-3 cases of corroborating evidence.

“Homeschooling is considered to be a good idea for kids as they get individual attention according to their own comprehension level. It saves children from negative influences and encourages academic progress.”

–       Expository type of thesis statement gives details on the topic.

“Recycling management has positive influence on the pollution decreasing, conserving energy and saving natural resources.”

–       Argumentative type of thesis statement presents an argument about a specific topic and justifies it providing certain evidence.

“Technological development not only involves heavy expenses, but also causes unemployment and dependence on machine.”

How Can We Help?

We have gathered some important information and have consulted our team of professional writers how you can benefit from using our writing services. We have 24/7 customers support service if you need any help. Also, we perform different kinds of writing services that will be able to help you to address your college or university assignment, obtaining the much needed support and additional assistance. Here is a list of valuable tips.

  1. Be as specific as much you can. The thesis statement has to present the main idea of your essay. Don’t make general statements what you are going to write about in your paper. Concentrate on the main idea and describe it in 2-3 sentences. Avoid generic and vague thesis statements. After reviewing your thesis statement, the reader should understand the main reason that made you choose the selected topic.
  2. Your thesis statement shouldn’t present the idea for everyone to agree upon. On the contrary, it should be something that will trigger an argument and prove the readers’ opinion is right. Your thesis statement should challenge the reader with different opinions and viewpoints.
  3. Your thesis statement should not only disclose the central idea of the essay, but it should justify the discussion with strong proof. Don’t forget to outline the significance of your viewpoint, subjected in the reflective essay thesis statement as it also is an essential part of the reflective essay writing progress.
  4. Be a master of your topic and know it thoroughly. It will help you to restrict your thesis statement to the most important points and nothing extra.



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