How to choose a good topic

How to choose a good topic

Choosing a good topic for any essay assignment is quite essential in the sense that it helps the writer to accumulate facts regarding the topic thus leading to the writing of a detailed and informed essay. There are various mechanisms that students have to use to come up with topics that they have to write on when given the authority to choose on their own. The first step is making sure that one understands the assignment requirements. A student has to read the given instructions carefully to understand what the professor’s expectations are. This enables a student to choose the most-suitable topics. An understanding of the requirements helps a student to come up with various topics to choose from.

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It is also essential that the student has to choose a topic that is quite interesting to him. The topic should help him to write an essay that has been sufficiently researched. The last step is considering the scope of the selected topic. The topic must be narrowed down to help a student to write an essay that is relevant and focused. Most of the college professors expect the learners to format their papers in response to the required standards.

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Below are thirty examples of topics that a college student can consider when writing his essay provided the format is as expected.

  1. The need for recycling
  2. The need for gun control
  3. How to pay off your credit card
  4. How to stop global warming
  5. Effects of alcoholism
  6. A day to remember
  7. Euthanasia
  8. Gay marriage
  9. Avoiding junk food
  10. Avoiding student debt
  11. The case for organ donation
  12. The importance of wearing safety belts
  13. Animal rights
  14. Effect of drugs on teenagers
  15. My dream job
  16. How can we eradicate AIDS?
  17. I can make you thin
  18. How the internet has killed news papers
  19. Creative thinking
  20. Why I hate Math
  21. Advantages of knowing more than one language
  22. Importance of college education
  23. What is the relationship between alcoholism and Violence?
  24. What do you think is the right time to get married?
  25. My best friend in college
  26. Why college politics is good for students
  27. Can poverty lead to stealing activities?
  28. My first day in Canada
  29. What is the role of the government in environmental maintenance?
  30. Who is your ideal presidential candidate in this year’s elections?

The best topic from the list above is topic number two, which is, “The need for gun control” because it is easy to get vital information concerning it that can help to write a top quality essay that meets college standards.

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