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All about Argumentative Essay Writing

700 Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay topic list

Updated on 11 January 2017

When it comes to essay writing professors usually supply students with topics to write about. However, there are cases when a student is free to write on any topic he wishes. The first step is where a great number of students get stuck. What topic to write about? The topic must be interesting, the topic must be essential and finally the topic must be informative. Continue reading

Essay Cheat Sheet

Writing essay not an easy task and many students start working with the mood far from positive. It is not the right position. If you do not believe that you will write a good essay, you will be probably right. Positive attitude is important in any activities, but it is not all. If you feel the excitement because of your essay so much that could even forget the basic rules that you know, it is time to prepare your little Essay Cheat Sheet.  It will not solve all your possible problems, but will reassure you and make writing the essay easier for you.  It is not a magic stick, and it will not force you to write genial essay. It is just a list of the most important points that you should remember before start writing and all the time you will write your work.  With the help of this sheet of paper or file on your PC or notebook you will save yourself time and nerve.

We gathered the main points of the theoretical base that you need to know to write good essay:

•    Analyze the title. Before start writing you need to be sure that you have, understand everything correctly. Pay attention to a words ‘analyze’,  ‘compare’, and ‘discuss’  – it is the direct indication, of what type of narration you should use.

•    Make a schedule.  We all remember the simple rule: 80 per cent of all time will take the preparation and if everything was done well, 20 per cent writing the essay. Rewrite your day timetable to combine your everyday commitments with your essay writing plan. Put a copy at your desk or a saver desktop. It will help you not to forget about your mandatory program for the day.

•    Gathering info. Remember, that before start searching your information you need to know at least approximately what are you going to search and where you can find it. Write the key information in your note. Keep in mind: you need to use online resources wisely.

•    Planning is a very important step. When you get the data down you can start plan out the structure of your essay. Your structure plan needs to be detailed, but not too much. In other case you risk to waste too many time.

•    Write a first version of your essay. Reconcile that if you want to write a good essay it will not be your last try. Note that you are writing for your reader, keep up the academic voice and style.

•    Revise your essay. Print the text out and read it through. Do not be shy to read it to your friends – it is always useful to know the opinion of others, you could get a good advice.  Mark up all changes that you decided to do on a paper and make all these changes in your computer version of the essay. Rename it if you do not want to confuse.

•    Check your essay very careful ly. If your reader will find a mistake in your essay it will make him think that this work was not so important to you, if you did not even, found the time for proofreading.

The biggest fears of student:

•    You are afraid that your essay will be the worst – A little adrenaline is good, but if you wincing every time when hear the word “essay”, hardly you will write a good text. Try to relax and do the best you can. In this case you will not feel sorrow in any case.

•    My essay will sound childish, because I don’t know all the academic words for things. – Nobody is perfect. You are here to learn and after a little time you will write like an expert!

•    I do not know how to write something original. – It is not the main purpose.  It is time for you to read and learn more about works of other writers, you can comment on what they’ve written in your own way and in your own words. Originality will come later.

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Best Parties for College and University

There is a huge amount of  colleges and universities that are proud of their big parties. The recent survey in America shows that there are  ten top  party colleges and universities such as:

  • Penn State University
  • University of Florida
  • University of Illinois
  • The University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Ohio University,
  • Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY
  • University of Texas,
  • Montana State University (Bozeman)
  • Florida State University
  • University of  Southern California.

Let’s consider top six colleges and universities for  the best parties.

The University of California, Santa Barbara.

UCSB has one of the most stormy house party scenes in the states. Holding activities on huge events like Halloween, Deltopia,  Extravaganza, the University of California, Santa Barbara gained a reputation to be one of the nation’s best party! A great many of  huge house parties is provided  on Del Playa and other streets. On Friday and Saturday, strolling about Del Playa becomes a strife. Numerous  students participate in street parties.

University of Illinois.

Another huge part of students’ life and fraternities are always rich for such events as Beer and Pancakes, great Christmas parties events. These events are considered to be the biggest party day or weekend of the year. The drinking bout begins early in the morning and continues until everyone on campus has gone away.

University of Southern California.

A top football team is the coolest one in America. The University of Southern California provides  the best post-game party in college football. After the games, Song Girls and the team dance  and play in front of the student section for 45 minutes with the awesome spirit!

Ohio University.

Ohio University is known for Palmerfest. Palmerfest is an annual party in Athens, Ohio. It takes place in May on Palmer Street. Palmer Street is the main student neighborhood of Ohio University. A thousand of students from different universities around the state gather in this street. The Palmerfest party is held by residents of Palmer Street and surrounding grounds. Students  are almost exclusively students, who often construct temporary fencing around their houses and invite their friends and classmates. Partiesoften involve drinking activities.

The event often produces much garbage, and police are always beside the houses.

Montana State University (Bozeman).

The Testy Festival is about having a good time together with your friends and family.  Somebody says that it is an odd family reunion, because you usually see the same people every year.Here you can always have fun and find something to do. You can meet 300 people or up to 3,000 people this day! It depends on  what time or day you come at Testy Fest. Event days on Friday and  Saturday attract most people. They are: the Wet T-Shirt, the Ball Contest, The Ball Eating Contest, & the Undie 500.

 Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.

In the Spring semester, students celebrate Dolphy Day. Dolphy is considered as the Oktoberfest of  Le Moyne College .This event is celebrated all the  day long. Friends, family and students from all over come to the campus to get a drink and great  party!

Each year, the actual date of Dolphy Day was kept close until the last moment in order to raise the excitement. During this event student miss classes and relax outside.They listen to music, especially, Frank Zappa’s song, “Eric Dolphy Barbecue.”

Dolphy Day has become a symbol of careless and fun. Students spend their time with friends outdoors after a long winter term. A key part of this event is that, each year, a “Wizard” is chosen.This person is a senior one; his or her personality is kept under secret until the event begins. The Wizard belongs to Le Moyne’s administration and to  fellow seniors. The party begins at about two or three a.m with  fireworks.

The festival continues until late afternoon. It  includes the following kinds of entertainment: live music, a barbecue that is usually attended  administrators, dancing, sports (with  football and Frisbee).

The 40th anniversary of Dolphy Day was  celebrated in  April 7, 2010. It  honored Eric Dolphy with a life-size bronze sculpture.

Research Papers for Sale

Have you ever had difficulties in writing a paper? Have you tried to find reliable sources of information? Have you ever understood that you lack of time? Have you ever spent long hours in front of the computer without having any idea how to start? If you answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions, you are a student who cares about future career. research-papers-for-sale Recently it has become a trend to buy research paper online. It is very easy to understand why such kinds of service are gaining popularity.

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Technical writing process and tips

Technical writing is considered to be a form of technical communication. It is a style of formal writing used in such fields as high technology including computer hardware and software, chemistry, finance, consumer electronics. Technical writing process and tips

It doesn’t require any creativity because it is used not for entertainment of the readers, but to give the better understanding of the subject, the one that technical writing describes. The most important thing of technical writing is a simple straightforward explanation.

The purpose of the technical writing is to inform and analyze different events, processes and their implications, and then to persuade or influence people’s decisions. Technical writers create documents that help to install, uninstall, configure or use a product, a tool or a service.

Technical writing is the aptitude of being able to explain and describe complex ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences. The forms that are usually used for these purposes are manuals, step by step guides, research reports, help files (online help) etc. The process of technical writing includes three main steps: pre-writing, writing and re-writing.

Pre-writing process

Pre-writing is the process in which we gather the information we will need to fulfill the task. In this step we determine the purpose of writing, and then set the goal we want to achieve, taking into consideration the type of audience. Using all necessary resources we assemble the data to complete the document and finally, we determine the way we will impart the information. Think carefully about a logical way of information organization for the reader can easily follow the directions. The use of headings and subheadings assist  readers grasp the main concepts of our technical writing. Technical writing process and tips

Writing progress

The writing process requires taking all the information we got in the prewriting process and putting it down in draft form. In the organization of the data follow strict specific order of organization of the document for the reader not to get lost in all that information. Format the document in the proper manner. It will allow you to emphasize important points, and combine them with the application of white spaces.

Re-writing process

You would have never guesses but the re-writing is the essential part of the technical writing progress. During this stage, we complete our draft with all missing information: his includes making any corrections to the format of the document, correcting all the errors, deleting unnecessary or unimportant pieces of data, and finally, checking to make sure that everything follows a specific order. There are 5 tips to improve your technical writing skills:

Analyze examples of other works

By reading others’ works you become more experienced and informed. It provides you with examples of everything you need: from organization to style.

Know the audience

Technical documentation is read by people of different competence – technical and non-technical audiences. Avoid technical jargon, always defining things that may be unfamiliar to readers. We sugguest you  use words in the most efficient manner, Put the most crucial information first and use an active voice with the use of  strong verbs. Personalization such as the use of humor should be avoided and not be included in the technical writing.

Keep proper format and writing organization
If your technical writing is good, then the reader will get to the end. Attention to format includes using bold and italicized keywords, using bullets and numbered lists to set apart key points, and breaking up long passages of prose into smaller paragraphs.

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The editing process

Editing includes not only checking and eliminating spelling and grammar errors. It’s important to look through you work more than twice. It allows refining areas requiring improvement. Peer review is also a useful tool for pointing out weaknesses as well as strengths. After writing your technical paper, take a fifteen minute break. We suggest you to have a coffee or have a sandwich. After that you will return to the document and read with a fresh perspective in mind.

Getting feedback

One of the most important techniques to become a better technical writer is to solicit feedback and change just by listening to it. Accepting criticism and feedback will help in improvement of successive writing task and will lead to becoming an efficient technical writer. Technical writing process and tips

Guide on How to Write a Research Paper

There is a common saying that a research paper is not simply written, but a huge chunk of work is done in research and writing itself. There are no set formulas how to write a good research paper, but we can offer you special research paper writing guidelines that you should follow to succeed. Guide-on-how-to-write-a-research-paper

What is a research paper?

When you are studying at higher levels of schooling such as college or universities, you may be asked to write research papers. A research paper might be used for identifying and exploring technical, scientific and social science issues. Some students write a research paper for the first time, they may worry too much and make pointless mistakes. However, with clarity in mind, the focus and good organization of the research paper, you can simplify the process. Staying active is what you need because the paper will not write itself on its own, but you can prepare well and plan it so that you will be able to write it without any issues. And we will help you do that.

There are several basic suggestions and tips that we are willing to give you.

1.     Don’t wait – Stay Active

Here is a typical plan for writing a research paper. First, find an idea that is worth sharing. Second, start writing the paper. Third, use the paper as a forcing function to make you do the research. It also provides you with a good way of communication with other people. If you didn’t know, research is all about communication. Writing papers has a primary mechanism for doing a research. At this poing, remember avoid the reporting type of writing. What the researchers do? They simply start writing: they start and write a paper about any kind of idea. No matter how insignificant or trivial it may seem.

2.     Identify your idea

The business of writing a research paper is to convey the selected idea and the supporting research to your readers. The greatest ideas are literally worthless if you keep them to yourself. The paper is not a mechanism for getting a promotion. It’s a mechanism for conveying ideas from one person to another.. When you write a paper, at the end (at least by the time it is finished), you must know what is the main idea that your research paper conveys. Expressing a good idea in your paper is to say explicitly that you got it.. Be completely upfront about this, yet stay focused with one topic in your research. Guide-on-how-to-write-a-research-paper

3.     Tell a story

Imagine that you are explaining or telling a story to the whole class:

  • Here is a problem (you want to motivate your reader).
  • It’s an interesting problem because … (it would be worth solving otherwise it stays unsolved).
  • It’s an unsolved problem because … – include supportive facts.
  • Here is my idea.
  • My idea works (details, data).
  • Here’s how my idea compares to other people’s ideas, approaches, experiences, facts, etc.

If you want to be, do the same thing in the paper. Your major goal is for the reader to embrace the new materials and be thankful for it. Moreover, every bit they read they want to read it more. In the introduction, it might be one page, describe the problem briefly and articulate what your contributions are. We would suggest you introduce a problem with supportive example. When stating a problem, we think it’s helpful to stay away from being too ambitious. It’s worth writing a first draft early. Then you have enough time to rewrite it.

4.     State your contributions

Make a bullet list of contributions. Your introduction makes certain claims. There should be evidence to support each claim is provided in the body of the paper. Each claim should be pre-written in the introduction, and you should identify the evidence, including forward-referencing. The ‘evidence’ can be case studies, measurements, analysis and comparison. It must be something to make the reader believe the ideas and facts.

The introduction doesn’t have enough space to say very much about your idea. Don’t try to present the idea on page one. Contributions should be refutable.

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5.     Related work done later on

Everything we do builds on materials that people have done before or have already accomplished. But what actually happens in practice? In practice, related work is a kind of a barrier between your reader and your idea. If you assume that they already know quite a lot of selected research topic, try to make it short.  You have introduced your idea, so it’s very difficult to do any comparison here. Our advice is to leave it till the end. Incidentally, as you’ve gone through the paper, you’ve referred to related works.

As you can see, writing a research paper is pretty difficult task. We believe that it is better to entrust your research paper writing assignment to a professional writer with years of experience. On our part, we can say that we offer the best essay writing service quality papers along with the lowest prices available.  Guide-on-how-to-write-a-research-paper

Help Me Write an Essay

Every student knows how hard it is to write a customer paper that will be unique and well graded by the professor.  The use of the online academic essay writing services makes the job easier and the student can continue his studies and then build his successful career.

Writing help with EssayBasics!

Help Me Write an Essay

Whatever decision you make, buy your essay or get the essay editing or proofreading services,  we want to offer you some tips that will help you to improve your writing:

  • It’s better to use a full form of the word in the academic, formal and business type of writings.Avoid There is/There are. When we write we want to write our ideas clearly and concise. We don’t want long sentences, we want them to be to the point.  There is/There are – are the words we just don’t need. By getting rid of these constructions your sentences are becoming stronger.Don’t use words such as ‘really, very, a lot, so’. Such words weaken your writing. For example, ‘Many students think studying at the university is very hard.’ Instead of using this phrase it’s better to use ‘ Many students think studying at the university is difficult.’Come up with a stronger word for it.

Sentence Structure

If you take the sciences courses, it’s okay to use the Passive Voice but don’t use it too much. If you are studying humanities, social science, history, psychology, etc. do not use the Passive Voice. In most university writings guidelines, we use Active Voice because we want strong sentences accents. It gives us more direct, economical approach to making a statement in a sentence.

Two common tenses are: the present tense and the past tense. The most important thing with tense is consistency. If you open your piece of writing in present you are going to carry on that present tense throughout all the way to the end. When we shift tenses it might be very confusing to the reader.. So if you go through your writing to proofread it and you just look for the tense issues, you can make your essay nice and consistent.

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The Use of Strong Verbs

Let’s look at the examples below:

  • weak verb: He gave assistance to my friend.
  • strong verb: He assisted my friend.
  • weak verb: made an objection
  • strong verb: objected

Anytime you have a verb and a noun. And you look at the noun and it could be its own verb, use it in the verbal form instead. Writing successfully takes practice. It’s very easy to convince ourselves that we are not good at it or it isn’t worth of our time. Just never stop trying, and you will succeed.

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Can the Essay Writing companies lie?

While there is a great number of online essay writing companies that are cyber-fraud, but the majority of the essay writing companies are able to do a really good job, helping students worldwide to succeed in their studies.  Every client that comes to our company is being asked to participate in the survey because we really wish to know whether the client like our writing services, ensuring the 100% satisfaction. You can always  rely on the quality of the essays our writing staff produce.

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