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Admission Essay Writing

Essay Writing Steps

Essay is considered to be one of the hardest things to write, and, certainly, you should take into consideration a lot of peculiar matters before starting your work. And one of the most important moments in writing an essay is understanding of the seriousness of the task and choosing the right approach that will help to manage with your task and thereby create a properly organized essay, having the right structure and well-grounded thoughts.

Main problems

Any essay, any task implies certain difficulties that may overwhelm learners. They sometimes tend to complicate the process and in the result find themselves stuck in work. Failing to organize their ideas, such learners are held up by the heaps of thoughts, which are hard to intermix into one readable essay. On contrary, there are also a lot of people, who don’t bother with this work. According to their point of view, writing an essay is rather simple thing and it is not essential to go into details, but soon they appear to be lost in this process and in this situation the problem of ideas organization is also arisen. So, in order to overcome all obstacles while writing an essay you should follow several steps, so-called basic principles of good essay, which will be effective for you in coping with your work. If you will follow these steps, writing an essay won’t be a great struggle later.

Study the topic

Firstly you should analyze the theme or title, which is given for research. Ask yourself such questions: “What should I write about?”, “How it is important?”, “How it will be organized?”, “What is the purpose?”. While thinking about topic, you may consult the books or internet for necessary information, but you don’t have to exclude your own thoughts, because your conclusions, your independent point of view is fundamental in any essay. Don’t be embarrassed by showing your thoughts, but in any case, back up your arguments by evidence and be sure that your points are valid and well-grounded.

Create your writing plan

After the above stage of preparation you can also write short notes about what you think of the subject. Add several facts and examples to support your arguments which will be included into essay. Think about the alternative version of the opinion and compare it with others. Summarize all items and organize them into a plan that should consist from three sections, essential in structuring your essay: introduction, body and conclusion. The main question of the topic will be disclosed in the body of the essay.

Write the Introduction

Introduction is the part of the essay, where you introduce your topic to reader, where you actually begin the essay. Here you should emphasize what you are about to discuss. Explain clearly your goals and objects. Introduction should also hold the reader’s attention, so your work is to define the tone of the paper and make it worth reading. It sets the stage for the rest of your arguments, so the reader should understand your initial ideas and tasks.

Write the Essay Body

Here you lay out your research in a logical and linear way. You should form several paragraphs, where you will present all main points, focus the reader’s attention on the principal idea. Notice, that your assumptions should be clear and not contradict each other. Represent your ideas and arguments, supporting them by evidence and examples. Be clear and self-confident, because there is no place for ambiguity of thoughts and doubts in essay.

Write the Conclusion

The last and the crucial part of your paper is conclusion. Remember, that you should make it memorable and don’t give new information to the reader. Unite all your ideas and arguments that were set forth in the essay and demonstrate the reader the whole point of the topic. By means of referring to key elements, write down the result of your work and show whether the goals were achieved or not. You can also paraphrase the original statement and include some prediction or points for further investigation of the view presented in the essay.


In addition it is rather important to outline such factor as proofreading. In considerable cases, this part is often omitted, because learners do not understand its significance. Its goal is to check the order of the paragraphs, structure of the sentences, spelling, grammar, punctuation and word choice. Of course this process can take longtime, but in the result it will definitely improve your essay.

Following this tips, you will succeed in writing your paper with ease. Being able to organize your thoughts, to structure them, you won’t be intimidated by this task and each time your skills will be mastered. As often as you will experience such task, your mastery will grow; your thoughts will be more concise and clear. In any way, don’t be afraid of difficulties, be aware of these tips and you will definitely make a success.

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Admission Essay Writing Online

The Essence of an Admission Essay

An admission essay is part of the admission process in some colleges or universities. It may often be the most difficult task for the candidates due to the limitation in the quantity of words they are allowed to use. But, on the other hand, we cannot but admit can see that writing a few hundred words is better than writing a few hundred pages.

An admission essay is usually assessed according to two main criteria:

1) the applicant’s writing ability (which also includes grammatical skills) and

2) the content.

Thus, admission officers seek to make sure that the candidates are not only able to write well but also to provide arguments for their views. They want to learn about the personal qualities of each potential student, especially those facts that are not included in any document of their application package.

So take the opportunity and write an unforgettable, bright essay which will leave the admission officers no choice but to admit you!

Stages of Writing a Successful Admission Essay


First and foremost, the candidates have to write down everything they would like to mention in the essay depending on the topic given.
According to the topics essays usually fall into three categories: asking the applicants about themselves, asking about their reasons to choose this particular college or university and, finally, asking to share their opinion while covering some creative questions.


While writing a rough draft of the essay, the applicants do not have to pay much attention to the quality. This stage is aimed at working out the outline.


Now when the draft is ready, it is advisable to wait for some time before getting back to it with a fresh head. When the candidates proofread their essays, they should not take into account minor details such as grammar or spelling. They should, on the contrary, view the admission essay as a whole unity. If there are some weaknesses in the essay, the authors ought to work on them.


As soon as you are sure that all the drawbacks have been eliminated, you can start editing your essay for grammar and spelling as well as lucidity. You should also think of asking someone else to check your work because an outsider’s viewpoint will be more objective than the author’s.

Apart from observing the stages of admission essay writing there are some more useful tips:

Consider it as a chance

The success of your essay completely depends on you, so seize the opportunity to show your worth to the admission committee.

Refrain from writing an autobiography

Remember that you are limited in words, so do not waste them dwelling upon your accomplishments. They can be found in other documents of your application package. Nevertheless, your essay should be permeated with a single thesis.

Do not use hackneyed structures

If you want to show your intelligence, forget about trite metaphors or overused quotes. Try to be original in order to grip your reader’s attention.

Show your sense of humour

Although an admission essay is a serious task, a bit of fun will be quite suitable. An appropriate wit will add a special air to your writing. But measure is pleasure – do not overuse it, otherwise admission officers may think you do not take it seriously.

Use your own thoughts

Do not try to seem different from what you are. Show your real self, think about what you want to tell, not what admission officers want to hear. Authenticity will speak for you.

Provide personal information and illustrations to your words

Avoid abstractness, be more specific and personal. The more examples, facts and quotations you use, the brighter images are conjured up in the reader’s mind.


Keep yourself from using both too theoretical and too colloquial language

Long words and scientific terms, especially used inappropriately, will distract the reader’s attention from the essay itself. The members of admission committee can tell a school leaver’s style from a professor’s one perfectly well. Do not try to throw dust into their eyes. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you can use slang or jargon words – find a happy medium.

The last but not least – take your time. Do not write your admission essay in a hurry the night before submitting your application. The earlier you start, the better.

Language and Literature essays

Essay is one of the most wide-spread genres of academic writing. The purpose of an essay is to provide a detailed explanation, description, and analysis of the topic given. There are different kinds of essays depending on which sphere of knowledge it refers to, e.g. language essays, literature essays, law essays, history essays, etc. A successfully written essay has already allowed a large number of people to get a place at a university or college of their dream and to win a scholarship.

Among the subjects where students are regularly asked to write essays are Languages and Literature. To write a quality language or literature essay you should stick to the following simple but useful tips:

Carefully select the topic

Among all the topics offered by your professor choose the one that interests you most. You cannot create a salient essay unless you feel excited about the research issue.

Define the thesis statement

Make sure you understand your essay topic and after that formulate a thesis statement. It should be accurate and clear. It usually takes one sentence to summarise the thesis and give the reader some background information of the essay.

Carry out research

Use various sources to collect data, e.g. books, scientific journals, newspapers, and the Internet. It is also reasonable to compile questionnaires and conduct interviews.  Do not forget to note down some important facts.

Draw the outline

Plan your essay in order to systematically arrange your ideas. Take time while planning, it will help you avoid common mistakes.

Write a draft of your essay

Extend your outline to the first draft, without wasting time concentrating on its quality. You will have time to correct all the errors later whereas now the aim is to concorporate separate ideas.

A well-written essay consists of an introduction, the main body, conclusion and reference page.


An essay introduction should be designed so that to induce the reader to read the text up to the end. It is here that the thesis statement is formulated. You can try making your introduction humorous if it corresponds to the topic.

Main body

This part is usually composed of three paragraphs that comprise supportive information. The first paragraph provides the strongest facts supported by the most vivid example. The second and the third paragraphs come next. Altogether they are called the main body of the essay because it includes most of the information supporting the thesis statement.


Here you should summarize the whole essay. All issues which have been described or explained in the main part are brought together by the conclusion.

Reference list

It is usually a list of sources where you took the information for your work. As a rule, it is formatted according to the requirements given by your supervisor.


When the rough draft is ready, take time before you start proofreading. During this phase, you should consider your essay as a whole unity and eliminate structural mistakes. Focus on the coherence of the text rather than on minor grammar or spelling mistakes.


In this stage, pay your attention to all possible errors, lexical, grammatical, or spelling. It is highly recommended to ask someone to read your essay as they may find some drawbacks you have not noticed.

Custom Essays

Those students who cannot say that writing Languages and Literature essays is their strong point can use a custom essay service.

Custom essays form a separate group of essays notwithstanding their subject or topic. Each of them is created for one particular person by a professional writer specifically to address the necessary topic or research question. A custom essay can be compared to designer clothes as it is individually tailored to suit the student’s requests and guaranteed not to be sold to anyone else.

A custom essay is a unique guide through the studying process, and it gives a chance for academic success to those students who lack outstanding writing skills but want to meet all the educational demands. They can use a custom essay as a model for their own written creative work. Having an expertly composed example will make any student’s life easier and motivate to put pen to paper.

Scholarship Essay Writing

Applying for a scholarship is almost impossible nowadays without writing an essay. It is one the most efficient ways for the scholarship committee members to learn as much as possible about the applicants and estimate their potential. The scholarship essay is a perfect opportunity to show your best.

Three main stages of writing a scholarship essay

 1. Brainstorming

Subjects of scholarship essays vary dramatically, nevertheless most of them are based on the applicants’ personal experience. The subject is an indispensable constituent of your success. Be ready to spend a week or two just brainstorming ideas. In the end, you may come up with a subject you have not taken into account before.
Tips for choosing the subject:

  • Think of your significant accomplishments and the reasons why they are significant.
  • Define those distinctive features that distinguish you from others and describe how you have managed to develop them.
  • Recollect your favourite films, books, paintings, sculptures, etc. Consider the impact they have had on your life and the reasons why you like them so much.
  • Analyse your childhood interests and the ways they have possibly influenced your current ones.
  • Think of your role model, a person whose personality you admire and want to resemble.
  • Ask your family and friends to characterize you and your personal traits. Let them account on choosing these particular features, and provide life experiences that illustrate them best.
  • Read sample scholarship essays in order to see what topics successful applicants chose in their time.
  • Explain why you want to get your education in this particular college or university and how this education can help you fulfil yourself.


2. Selecting an Essay Topic

At this stage, you ought to already have a notion of what details you would like to include in your work e.g., your objectives, life and research experience, strong personality traits, etc. You should also imagine what impression you would like to produce on the selection committee.
It is time you considered the topics that will enable you to create a coherent whole on the basis of your personal qualities and experience. Whatever topic you select, remember to provide answers to the questions you were asked. It is a complicated job to make deep impression on the committee members who read dozens of essays every day, that is why we have made up a list of questions, answering which will help you:

  • Can you support the topic you have chosen with vivid life experiences?
  • Are you going to write something funny? If yes, be careful. There is nothing worse than the readers’ serious faces and pursed lips when they are reading something that was intended to be amusing and funny.
  • Does the topic repeat the data found in other application documents? If the answer is “yes”, pick out another one.
  • Can your topic offend someone? Does it concern religions, political views, or moot points? If so, reject this topic as it may put off a large number of people.

Use these criteria to evaluate your topic, and you will surely have one or two appropriate ones left.

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Scholarship Essay Writing

3. Writing the essay

Even if the topic is strikingly boring, it can result in an excellent scholarship essay on condition that you approach it unconventionally. Your main goals are to convince the scholarship committee members that you fully deserve college assistance and to reveal your extraordinary personality.

The writing process consists of:
1) Drafting
Writing the draft, you do not have to concentrate on its quality. Just make an outline of your future masterpiece.

2) Proofreading
After the draft is ready, take some time before you continue working on it. When you start proofreading, forget about such minutiae as spelling or grammar mistakes. Consider the entire story and if it has any evident drawbacks, try to eliminate them.

3) Editing
Before submitting the essay, make sure that it is polished to perfection. While editing your work, pay your attention to all sorts of errors: grammatical, spelling and structural. It is always useful to ask someone (e.g., a teacher or a family member) to check your work. They may see something that has escaped your notice.

University Application Essay

At some stage in your life in order to get where you were going to you have to write an excellent application essay. An application essay is one of the most important components in the university application process. Admission officers are looking for a person to add to what Their University is. Everyone has something unique about themselves. Everyone’s story is different. You do not need to have a story that is one in a million. You can have story that everyone has, but it’s about making it yours. Once you find that topic, it is all about writing and rewriting.

The Purpose of an Essay

It is not as a recommendation letter or some short answers; it is not a resume and it is not supposed to be a list of your accomplishments. It is a look into your personality. These are sentences and structures that will convey something about you. It is a chance to distinguish yourself and another opportunity to stand out from the pool of many applicants.

Writing Tips:

ñ  Write informally. Try to write it as a story for yourself, make it interesting to read. Of course, it is a formal writing so do not cross the line. However, your personal style will give you the chance to stand out from the crowd.

ñ  Capture the attention. Admission officers ma not have more than five minutes to spend on your essay and you have to grab that person’s attention well. There needs to be something unique. Something they have never heard before write at the very beginning.

ñ  One cohesive story. Tell one story that is easily read from beginning to end.

Prompted or an Open Essay

Prompted essay is a kind of writing where you need to write about some experience in your life or faced a challenge and how you overcame it. Open essays are just that. You can write about what you like. Obviously, if you have to write a prompted essay you need to do what you are told. You need to make the essay fit in your prompt. If it is open, you can be slightly more creative.

You do not have much space

Usually you have to write a limited number of words. For example, several thousand of characters including spaces. It is not an enormous amount of writing to get done. A lot of time you need to write minimum 500 words.


When you think about your opening, you should try in your head to link a past act of your life with a future goal.

You are going to craft your first paragraph first. Sometimes you just do not do this. Sometimes you wait till the end to your first paragraph because you do not know where your story gonna go. But  this story you need to start with your paragraph up front and you need to get it perfect because until you are comfortable, until you are happy with that first opening paragraph, the rest of the essay is just going to seem boring. You are not going to be able to develop a theme and you are not going to be able to get to do what you would like.

And that is what you have to do: you have to take this story and identify the theme you can weave through the rest of the essay. Give some brightness to your essay. Once you get that first paragraph down, that is the absolute hardest thing to do.

Another three or four paragraphs you are going to write are rather simple. The second paragraph needs a transition. You need to get from the opening story to something about you. You need to get from that story, particularly if this is about something that happened to you or something about somebody else. And you need to get back to you as a person and what you have done. You have to talk about who you are in relation to your opening. Your past achievements, how that story deals with you, why is it important to you because in the fourth paragraph you’re gonna transition and talk about future. Why that particular tree, why that particular theme is going to continue in your life.

In your final paragraph, you need to write why this particular university you are applying to will help to get you to your future goals.

You are going to be saying ‘I am brilliant, I have got all the skills. Pick me.’ We are sure there is always a room for you in the best US universities if you take your essay serious.