Why Do You Want To Become A Pharmacist? (Essay Sample)

Why Do You Want To Become A Pharmacist?

Dreaming to be a pharmacist is a lifelong journey as a person aspiring to be the main person who will be distributing the medication to an intended client. For this reason, the relevance of becoming a pharmacist allow myself to learn more about the influence of medical technologies and researchers to find a solution to certain ailments that are causing the society’s longevity to be affected. In this procedure, becoming a pharmacist is a profession that seeks to provide a conduit for the consumers to improve their health and wellness. Being a pharmacist is an opportunity for myself to become a successful professional for valuing the integrity of the pharmaceutical company by means of helping Pharmaceuticals to distribute their products to the market or public.

A Pharmacist is a profession wherein professionals in the healthcare industry that are focused on rendering an effective and safe medication use. These are professionals involved in the health care team that is focused on maximizing patient care. As a pharmacist, it is important to know and appreciate the values of the human body’s anatomy and physiology because it seeks to understand the functions of systems that play an important role to the medication procedures. Patients are regarded individuals who are suffering from a physiological disability or distress that is unable to continue their routine due to an existing infection or injury. Pharmacists are able to identify a specific medication intended for patients suffering from a specific illness. This is ensure that patient safety is always addressed for patients to recover effectively when they are prescribed by their respective doctors during a routine check-up in their clinics or hospitals.

For pharmacists, it is important the fundamentals of medication administration to the patients. One of which is the right dosage, which is a process wherein the patient should be instructed with the right amount of volume of their medication whenever they continue their treatment. The right route is indicated from the prescription, which is an important consideration for every health care personnel regarding their treatment regimen. Pharmacists should always identify the right patient who is availing the medication so that any ethical consideration can be avoided during the procedure. In the health care setting, pharmacists are able to identify the best medication available in their pharmacy depending on the brand that has been applied to the health care personnel while achieving a reasonable amount of dosage.

As a pharmacist, health education is an important application of advice for patients who are availing medication to continue their treatment. This includes complications or adverse reactions to the drug after giving the medication to the patient. Health awareness is important, especially when dealing with the medication regimen because any distress or disability should be immediately rehabilitated or treated before it becomes credible for the patient to understand the consequences of their condition. Trust and cooperation is important for the patient so that the value of providing advice becomes an important consideration as a way to prevent any relapse of the symptoms that are more difficult to manage or treated by the health care professionals. Pharmacists usually take precautionary measures to the patients who refuse to continue their medication regimen for the reason that there were cases wherein patients suffered from a more severe complication that terminated their life (Santschi, Chiolero, Burnard, Colosimo & Paradis, 2012).


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