SPSS Usage among Students

What is SPSS?

  Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) refers to a popular software package used to carry out a number of statistical analysis. The package comes with a point-and-click graphic user interface (GUI) that makes it possible for novices to quickly master how to use it (Indiana University, 2014). SPSS for Windows appears like most of the programs that run in Windows environment and accomplishes almost anything that involved statistical analysis of data. IBM SPSS (formerly SPSS) has evolved to become a family of tools which perform complete analysis of data, beginning from collection, analysis, reporting, and organization of the obtained data for research purposes (IBM, n.d).

SSPS student

The package is not only used in social science, but also in diverse fields including pure and applied sciences. In business, SPSS is commonly used because it provides a dozen of unique modules that are integrated to offer dedicated capabilities aimed at conducting research, making valuable decisions, increasing revenues, and outperforming business rivals (IBM, n.d).

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SPSS Usage among Students

            Students, particularly those enrolled in universities, may obtain online versions of IBM SPSS. Many students often find SPSS easy to use once they have learn it. Some find it a little tasking and may opt to contract the data analysis section of their dissertations to other experts. Particularly, students who are not statistics majors may find it difficult to understand the terminologies used in statistics. However, many guides available online have proven to be significant in solving this conundrum. There are books that explain the usage of statistics in a stepwise manner and reading and practicing the content of such books would be valuable for newbies in SPSS (IBM, n.d). Be it a student taking psychology, business, or engineering, SPSS is the most recommended package that handles data analysis in the most professional way. Today, students around the world undertaking their Undergraduate, Masters and PhD courses have embraced the use of SPSS because of its simple interface but with powerful tools that make projects be accomplished.

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