777 Persuasive Essay Topics for College

Definition of persuasive easy

A persuasive essay is an assay that is written by a person trying to convince others to come into agreement with his views. The writer may be presenting some facts in form of writing which he requires people to support them. The arguments in the essay are written in such a way that there is introduction of what people think and what the truth. There are different facts that are presented in support of the argument by the writer, which allow readers to own the opinion. Persuasive essay topics are also related to essays that aim at making people accept something with ease and reduce questions regarding to new items.

Persuasive essay topics for college Student

How to write a good persuasive essay

Persuasive essays are first written by establishing the facts and supporting the facts with real examples. This is followed by clarifying the values that are relevant to the topic under study. In a persuasive essay topic, the arguments are arranged in a logical manner to make the points clear to the reader. Persuasive essays are also characterized by conclusions that are in agreements with identified facts. Persuasive essay all through, create their argument around the fact that was introduced at the beginning.

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EssayBasics Persuasive essay topics for college

Topics in the category of persuasive easy

Some examples of persuasive easy topics include;

  1. Citizens have a right to vote without being forced.
  2. War on terror is the basis of increased human right abuse.
  3. Students who do not attend more than 75% of lectures are not supposed to sit for exams.
  4. Students should work in groups when tackling assignment to reinforce each other’s strengths.
  5.  Visiting hours in hostels of opposite genders should be restricted to day time only.
  6. Travelling does not only help in breaking bore down but it is also part of increasing socialization avenues.
  7. Youths and especially the students have significantly increased their use of the internet over the past three years.
  8. US atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki cannot be justified.
  9. People living with HIV should disclose their status to the public
  10. GMOs should be banned from the stores
  11. Obesity  is the World’s  greatest killer disease
  12. Violent movies brings out violent characteristics on teenagers
  13. Logical reasoning is inferior to intuition
  14. Truth is subjective
  15. There is no justification on taking a person’s life
  16. Music is a great tool to a healing process
  17. There is a greater chance of divorce for children of divorced parents
  18. Social networks fame is short-lived
  19. Marijuana should be legalized for its medicinal benefits
  20. Women empowerment is key to economic development
  21. The church has failed to instill moral guidance to teenagers
  22. Natural resources is the greatest factor to a countries economy
  23. Eco-tourism; a milestone to reduction in global pollution problem
  24. Islamic religion is irrelevant without theocracy
  25. Public awareness is key to stopping gun violence
  26. Rap music propagates violence
  27. Media coverage makes murder seems like an easy route to fame
  28. Lack of employment fuels youth radicalization
  29. Religious intolerance encourages terrorism
  30. The world is not ready for same sex marriage
  31. Female genital mutilation should be banned
  32. Homosexuality  is more to genetics than environment
  33.  Schools should emphasize more on talent development than academics
  34. Plagiarism rules are exaggerated
  35. Praying for the dead at  funerals  is a waste of time
  36. Catholic law of beatification irrelevant to the modern society
  37. Therapy is not effective in men
  38. Social media has overtaken official channels in spreading news
  39. The government should not gag the media
  40. Christianity diluted African culture
  41. United states  was not ready for a black president
  42. Men make the best doctors
  43. The  ICC has failed in tackling international crimes
  44. People should stop taking red meat
  45. Fast foods has affected the traditional family gatherings
  46. Catholic priest should be allowed to marry
  47. Children should cut across all ages
  48. VIP treatment  should be accorded to senior citizens
  49. War on narcotics should not be politicized
  50. War on terror should not be politicized
  51. Organ donation should only apply if the donor requested before death
  52. Exclusive 6 month breast feeding should be law
  53.  Girl child development overemphasized
  54. Street art is a recipe for violence
  55. Art should not be censored
  56. College athletes are generally not smart
  57. Un- reusable plastic should be banned
  58. Use of bicycles reduces amount of carbon emissions
  59. Cashless system is key to saving trees
  60. Regulation of social media content is effective
  61. Innovations has led to a lazy society
  62. Slavery; basis for global economic development
  63. Guns should not be owned by citizen below the age of 21
  64. Ban on excess  weight fees in airplanes is justified
  65. Early marriage inhibits personal development
  66. Online dating is not safe
  67. Religion against hospital treatment is outdated
  68. Monogamy fuels extramarital affairs
  69. Organised religions, a recipe for chaos
  70. Research on biological weapons should be abolished
  71. America should stop meddling in other countries affairs
  72. More effort needed to make churches multi-racial
  73. Climate change should not be politicized
  74. Gender roles still a massive part of the society
  75. Punishment should be placed on illegal content downloads
  76. Music with dirty lyrics should be banned in school concerts
  77. Public Wi-Fi appropriate in all cities
  78. Prostitution should be legalized
  79. Sexual education should be mandatory in schools
  80. Abortion should be legalized
  81. The US should withdraw its troops overseas
  82. Unhealthy fast foods should be labeled
  83. A two child max rule should be adopted in America
  84. Religious institutions should uphold gay rights
  85. Parallel degree programs should be banned in public universities
  86. Political coup in Burundi was not justified
  87. Assassination of opposition leaders in Africa is outdated
  88. Church and state should be different entities
  89. Arranged marriages have no space in modern society
  90. It is unethical to advertise pharmaceutical products
  91. The world is in need of female presidents
  92. Basic skills on camping should be taught in schools
  93. Christmas has lost its meaning
  94. Men makes best cooks
  95. Illuminati is overrated
  96. Internet has negative impact on the music industry
  97. Prisoners have a right to vote
  98. Death sentence should be abolished
  99. Gay couples should not have a right to adoption
  100. It is our moral obligation to help the poor
  101. Catholics should allow use of contraceptives
  102. Living off- campus instills responsibility
  103. Scotland should stand alone
  104. Home schooling inhibits socialization
  105. Failure to recycle should be punishable
  106. Boxing is no longer an entertaining sport
  107. Men and women should not mix in churches
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