Nursing Model vs. Medical Model (Essay Sample) 2023

Nursing Model vs. Medical Model

The significance of healthcare practice is to know the difference between medical and nursing model. For non-medical professionals, they are not aware that there is a big difference between medical and nursing approach. There are models that are taken into consideration to ensure that a specific hospital application is efficient and accurate. This paper aims to discuss the difference between the nursing model and medical model. It seeks to find out the key issues that points out the difference between the two models in the field of the healthcare system.
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In the field of healthcare, there are models that are always needed to be considered by the nursing and medical professionals. These models indicate the value and the pattern of medical care applied to the patients inside the healthcare facility. The differences are based on the field of specialization for every clinical discipline applied in the hospital. The purpose of promoting a division with regard to implementing an efficient care practice is to prevent confusions. This is because there are miscommunication issues brought about by the confusion of health practices that are needed to be quantified, justified, and examined before applying as an action plan.

Nursing model

The nursing model is the process of care that is concentrated on the responsibilities of licensed nurse practitioners. This is based on the nursing practice that is concentrated within their scope of professionalism. Nurses are the most important professionals in this case because it concentrates on their ability to nurture the patients while recuperating in the hospital. They anticipate the health needs of the patient while they are in the process of recovery until they are fully healed inside the institution. The model concentrates on the nursing actions and the ideal standards of practice under this particular profession. The nursing model is regulated by the nurse. This process utilizes the ideological principles of care procedures through the standards of care. Nurses base their practice on the fundamentals of nursing procedures to ensure that the patients are secured while seeking for treatment. The standards of care are important because it seeks to regulate the patient’s overall nursing needs while seeking treatment and rehabilitation within the workplace. As a nurse, they are responsible for monitoring the patient’s vital signs in the hospital. Any detected irregularities will be immediately reported to the doctor who is currently-on-duty during the time of the incident.

Medical model

The medical model is concentrated on the responsibilities of the physicians who are on duty to the hospital or to the clinic. This model is responsible for initiating practices that play an important role in sustaining the health procedures of the institution. The doctors are the main personnel that are keeping the health institutions productive. The hospital relies on the implementation of medical services through the initiative of medical personnel. The doctors-on-duty are responsible for rendering the most important health procedures that will soon be collaborated by the nurses and other allied personnel in the hospital. Doctors play an important role in ensuring all the medical needs of the community. As the main healthcare personnel in the area, it is important for them to create a medical-based plan before taking another medical action. The main purpose is to ensure that the patient’s prognosis becomes accurate and consistent with their plan of care. They are the central decision-making personnel who will decide the treatment plan for their patients. Their orders are important for the nurses and other allied health personnel to comply during the time of treatment and rehabilitation in the hospital.


Nursing and medical model sometimes create the confusing perception to other health personnel. They interchange the functions and responsibilities of nurses and doctors. Other health personnel thought that both nursing and medical models are similar to each other. This is why there are procedures that are not accurate or health processes that become inefficient. The risk of having a confused perception of the health care practice may lead into either ethical or legal misconducts towards the patient. It is important to implement awareness to other healthcare personnel in the hospital and other clinics to ensure that the risk of confusion will not happen in the future.


It has been concluded that the impact of nursing model and medical model have a separate level of efficiencies. The main reason is that it provides different strategies and level of responsibilities on handling healthcare procedures to the hospital and towards the patient. Doctors are the main decision-making resource person to ensure that the safety and the recovery of the patient are consistent. The nurse follows the doctor’s orders and is responsible for monitoring the patient’s prognosis until they are discharged by the physician. As a nurse, these are significant measures to ensure that confusion will not be a problem with the other healthcare personnel as well as with the patients.
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