My House (Descriptive Essay Sample)

Descriptive Essays on My House


When people choose their home, it also reflects other intricate details about all the people living in it.

In addition, in making their house a home, people tell the story of their cultural heritage and favorite traditions. Intentional or not, the elements we choose to adorn our home tells our story. The end result is always a visually unique “screenshot” of who you are, what you love, and what you aspire to be. It also reflects the quality of relationships that thrive within its four walls, through images, accessories, photos, even novelty items.

Indeed, every house has a story of its own that has to be told and shared. This descriptive essay about my house focuses on the inner and outer beauty of my home and how I have become attached to the significant meaning of each design detail.

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Descriptive Essay Sample About a House

my house exterior

The view outside my house is a mixture of colors and beautiful scenery. First to catch people’s attention is our front yard, which features a spacious garden filled with numerous plant types such as orchids and roses. Having been professionally landscaped, it is one of the most attractive features of my home.

As visitors walk to the front porch, the walls and small fence attached to the house itself are painted white and light green, making the image strikingly attractive to the eye.

Welcome to My Home

Greeting guests, friends, and homeowners is a daintily-painted vintage blue-and-white door with a golden doorknob.  Upon entering my house, one gets a feel of the simplicity in details, punctuated by the mesmerizing smell of lavender and women’s perfume in the living room.

It is easy to see that I went with an elegant theme after taking a quick scan. A refined centerpiece table is the pièce de résistance. There is also a golden brown and white carpet with a marble vase from Canada perfectly placed on the table.

my home

Enter the Library

There is another room on the left side leading to a library filled with vintage, classic, and modern books. The 5-story shelves painted in black feature authentic pinewood.

A brown table is also seen across the room accentuated with a calendar, picture frame, and a pointed calligraphy pen. Beside the table is a tall sculpted lamp featuring delicate flower stems and angelic figures from top to bottom.

library at my house

Hovering on the wall behind the desk is a painting of a girl in a white gown underneath a tree bursting with yellow flowers.

Join Me in the Kitchen and Come Dine with Us

A quick inspection of the kitchen will show you a simple silver oven, microwave, cupboards, wooden drawers, kitchen sink, and a large refrigerator with drawings from my kids put in place by magnets.

Heading over to the dining area, a circular dining table with pink and blue chairs are thoughtfully styled to mirror the family’s love for mealtimes. Utensils and plates are shining white and glistening in the ray of the sun peeking through the open windows.

Bedrooms Are Our Sanctuaries

People would be surprised to discover that there are a couple of rooms inside my house that are not aligned with the classical theme enveloping the rest of the house.

My master bedroom is filled with collectible toys and items, housed in silver glass shelves and cabinets for people to appreciate. There is also a 32-inch flat television screen attached to the wall opposite the king-sized bed. I watch TV here nightly and make sure to save all of my favorite shows.

bedroom at my house essay

Posters of movies and cartoon characters from Hollywood films and stories are hoisted on the walls with glass frames, creating a gallery effect. The closet and cabinet for clothes and paraphernalia are all painted in glossy white and blue.  There’s also a shelf for designer shoes, slippers, and sandals that have been collected over the years.

The other two rooms found in the hallway going to the living room are the laundry and storage areas, featuring boxes of valuable or sentimental items collected in the past years.

Lessons from Decorating My House

From this experience, I have realized that a home is a place where the best memories are made. Therefore it is important to showcase these memories, whether childhood memories or recent special moments with loved ones.

It is important that the design direction makes people feel comfortable, whether visiting or living in it. You know that the design works when people experience your home and instantly have a favorite room or favorite place. It should be an area where they feel safe and at home. Rooms filled with personal accessories go a long way in setting a relaxing environment for family members.

My house is a mixture of both classical and modern aesthetics. This signifies how I have not forgotten my cultural heritage, at the same time showing off my appreciation for fresh and relevant designs. The variety of colors, pictures, and displays inside my house will surely surprise and pique the curiosity of the visitors.

A Short Description Essay Example About My Mansion

Our family mansion is an interesting mix of the old and the new. As you approach the entrance, you will come across a personalized wooden door with carvings of all the names of the family members on it.

Welcoming you to the living area is a generous 10-seater coach, with a beautifully stained console and coffee table surrounding it. This is a great place to host parties and intimate gatherings.

Our kitchen is a warm and cozy space where family and friends gather to eat, drink, and toast to a special occasion.

Through the kitchen is our dining room, and in the spotlight is our 12-seater dining table with a tasteful table setting. Indoor plants adorn the corners of the room, giving it a fresh and romantic vibe.

Finally, our master bedroom is a safe space and joyful haven for the family, with a large flat-screen television and mini-bar ready for a night of entertainment. I am really proud of the home that we’ve built and the people living in it. My parents invested a lot in its design and I am always happy to welcome people into our space.


How to start a descriptive paragraph about my house?

It’s important to be prepared with specific adjectives about your home. As you are taking the reader on a literary tour of your house, it is good to write in a way that “directs” their attention to each detail. Pretend you are taking them from room to room and are describing the look and feel of each one, pointing out key elements to take note of.

How to describe a house in an essay?

There are both emotional and technical descriptions to consider in writing an essay about a house. It’s important to have a mix of both. The technical descriptions literally and figuratively provide structure, while the emotional descriptions tell the story. Don’t be afraid to shine a light on the most minute details if they are an important part of the house’s narrative.

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