Lighting Of The Lamp (Speech Sample) 2023

Lighting Of The Lamp

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Many would come across a lamp without any plan of relating their lives regarding the significance of this material. Upon looking at the lamp, we are not able to ensure about the things that could impact our personal routines in life. This means that some of us were and are still not reflecting our past actions because we neglect things that might affect the welfare of other individuals. When they see a lamp without a fire, most of us feel that there is an empty space that affects our lifestyle by just looking at the lamp. The reason may be associated with the current despair that has been reflected from the lamp’s absence of light because it reflects how a person is able to deal with the challenges affecting their activities.

We should know that lighting of the lamp represents hope because we are able to know the significance of enhancing an optimistic view in order to spark our willingness to learn and start things over. Upon lighting the lamp, we are able to start preparing ourselves to have a new beginning in our life. Lighting up the lamp symbolizes a new chance for us to become more productive with our decisions and actions in such a way to deliver an important reflective moment to all involved individuals to start planning in a different way. Lighting of the lamp means that we are ready to take another chance to prove ourselves that we can surpass previous failures that have been hampering our actions to accomplish. This is when we are now ready to evaluate our past actions to ensure that our present and future becomes productive.

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When we light the lamp, the fire creates enlighten our environment that essentially makes us realize that it is not too late to make a change. Lighting the lamp resonates our personal self-awareness concepts and actions that we can still deliver something that is special and important for fulfilling our goals in life. We should be reminded that the light is representing the warmth and love of our family towards us, which is one of the most important issues in life that everyone has to offer. We have friends who are still willing to support us in such a way that we feel more inspired to accomplish certain practices that improve our image to the public. The light is the source of our strength that enables us to believe in ourselves so that our aspirations become successful and accurate with our plan.

It is inevitable that we fail due to the constraints of challenges applied by a simple task. However, learning is the answer so that we are able to analyze our past mistakes, which enhances our spirits to become productive. Upon learning from our mistakes, the strengths brought about by the impact of the light encourages us to become more invincible with our plans and convictions so that we can make another plan to continuously light the lamp while reaching our goals. As a result, the goal enhances our behavior and perception to become productive with the new plans that have been brought about by the efficient analysis of strengths and weaknesses. Lighting of the lamp indicates that it is never too late to make things happen if you are really serious about accomplishing something that will change your life (Billings, 2016).


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