How to Write a Reflective Essay Outline?

Many students simply love writing a reflective essay papers. Besides receiving great insights on the previously obtained experiences, students fully enjoy the self-expression in a form for a writing. Nevertheless, there are students, who require additional help with a reflective essay writing because they lack the understanding of fundamentals of this paper style. Additionally explore the sample of reflective essay. In order to make the form of a reflective essay simpler, the student is required to recall and analyze the event that took the place in the past. Then he proceeds with drawing a clear meaning from it.

  • A reflective paper writing assignments is pretty common for college admissions, literature and social sciences courses.
  • Some college level writing classes require students to write a reflective essay to be used in a portfolio. It can be used as required guideline to critical reflection writing.
  • Otherwise, the reflective essay serves best purely for personal purposes and journal writing.

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Main Reflective Essay Writing Tips

  • The writing should have strong essay structure and convey a certain “message”. The message must be easy and clear for understanding and comprehension by the reader.
  • When writing any type of reflective essay, a student has a chance to explore, reveal and discuss his personal thoughts on a particular topic.
  • Another important part of reflective essay is being able to do a self-assessment. The self-assessment happens through writing and addressing single or multiple experiences.
  • A reflective essay can be given as a primary assignment after the college course or university project has been completed. At this point, a student will have an opportunity to assess the educational experiences and obtain final insights that he can benefit from in the future.

Reflective Essay Structuring Steps

  1. Start with full analysis and examination of the reflective essay question or subject.
  2. It is important to concentrate on reading and fully understanding the writing and marking criteria.
  3. Proceed with identification of the chosen experience or event description. Analyze how you are going to reflect on it.
  4. It is crucial to keep all the information strictly confidential. If the experience involves other people participations like patients, their consent must be included. Nevertheless, the reflective essay concentrates on your personal experience, the confidentiality and anonymity must be fully sustained.
  5. The analytical part of reflective essay must fully share the facts. They facts will answer the questions “what, when, where, why, how”, etc. The facts will give a chance to a reader to be “transported” into the scene with the help of his imagination. Explore sample reflective essays.
  6. The reflective part of the writing concentrates on identification in direct relation to the described experience.
  7. If you will manage to find ways to relate the essay topic to the major literature sources, your reflective essay will receive more appreciative weight. It means you will receive a better final grade as well as imposing a positive impression on your course instructor.
  8. As soon as the analytical and reflective parts of essays are reviewed, you should demonstrate and highlight the insights you have gained.
  9. The insights sharing can be done in the compare & contrast manner or cause & effect manner.
  10. Make sure to relate your insights to the popular literature writings for your sample reflective essay writing.
  11. Finalize by making notes about the connection between the existing theory and the obtained experience.
  12. Proofread the essay at least five times and let other people read the paper before you do a final reflective essay paper submission.

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