How To Write A Good College Essay

An essay is a piece of writing on a specific topic that might incorporate the writer personal arguments. Essays have been included as a main part of formal education. Good college essay structure includes the outline, the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Good college essay help students to improve their writing skills. In addition, the United States Universities use essays as a basis of choosing applicants.

The writer might be assigned a topic or allowed to choose a topic that interests them when writing an essay. When a topic is given, the writer should establish if the essay should focus on the general overview of the topic or narrow the essay to a particular analysis. On the other hand, when the topic is not given, good college essay writing should define the purpose of the essay as either to persuade or educate. When the purpose of the essay is to persuade, good college essay writing should choose a topic that interest them. While, when the purpose of the essay is to educate, good college essay writing should select a topic that focus on a subject they have studied.

Good college essay outline

After determining the topic, the writer should brainstorm and write down the main ideas about the topic. This will assist the writer to create a good college essay outline of their ideas that will aid in writing an organized essay. Moreover, to create a good college essay outline the student can alternatively create a diagram of ideas. This includes the writer writing the topic in the middle of the page and draw six or seven lines branching from the main topic. The writer of college essay should write should write the main ideas at the end of the line. The writer of college essay can further draw lines branching from each main idea and write any thoughts about the idea. The diagram of ideas assists the writer in writing a custom good college essay.

Thesis statement/ Introduction

A good essay thesis statement should grab the reader attention and depict the points of the essay. The thesis statement should be divided into two sections; the initial section states the essay topic, while the final section states the main points of the essay. The thesis statement of the essay statement should communicate to the reader the significance of the topic being discussed and what would be discussed in the rest of the essay. Moreover, a good essay thesis statement should make an argument that others can disagree and the essay should support the thesis statement.

Main body   

The main body of the college essay describes the main points identified when creating the essay outline. Good college essay writing should argue and explain the essay topic in detail. Each main point identified in the outline will be separate section within the main body of the essay. Good college essay format should contain similar structure to enhance smooth flow from first to subsequently paragraph of the essay. Moreover, a good college essay format should contain main points that are backed by comprehensive example that support the topic. In addition, the last sentence of each paragraph should be connected with the first sentence of the new paragraph to enhance the smooth transition of ideas from one paragraph to the next paragraph.


The conclusion sums up the topic and main ideas of the subject, while offering concluding standpoint of your essay topic. Good college essay writing should end the essay by summarizing all the essay main ideas and arguments by offering the viewpoint of the writer. Moreover, the essay can be concluded by relating the last paragraph to the first paragraph and restate a point used in the beginning of the essay body. In addition, a good college essay conclusion should respond the thesis statement; provide main points and highlights from the main body sections and offer the relevance and significance of essay results.

 Good college essay writing topics

Good college essay topic examples:

  1. Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its significance to you.
  2. Specify a person who has had a significant influence on you, and explain that influence.
  3. Evaluate a significant, experience, accomplishment, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impacts on you.
  4. Describe a character in friction, a historical figure, or creative work that has had influence on you, and illustrate that influence.
  5. Describe the world you come from.
  6. Memories: from then to now
  7. Describe your world and personal talent
  8. Small things make big difference
  9. The ball and the beast
  10. What matters to you, and why?
  11. Post-colonial African conflict

Essay sample: Hazards of movie going

The thesis statement describes the writer as a movie fanatic, but he recently stopped going to Movie Theater, due to the behavior of some patrons and the problem of getting to Movie Theater. The writer starts the first paragraph by outlining the behaviors that he finds annoying in the theater. The behaviors include people crinkling the candies’ wrapper, coughing, and whistling. In the second paragraph, the writer cites the humid and rainy weather as hindrance of going to the theater. In conclusion, the writer sum up by citing that the problems of getting to movie theater and dealing with annoying behavior in the theater made him to stop going to movie and arrange a cable television to be installed at his home so that he can watch movies while at home.

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