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Essay writing is a skill many students need to equip themselves with while in college or the university. This is because it not only reflects on their overall performance but also proves to be beneficial in their future career choices. However, the majority encounter difficulties when it comes to writing their papers.

First and foremost, they do not know what essay writing necessitates. Second, some do not know how to approach their papers. Third, they do not see the significance of essay writing in their lives. Hence, when they have article writing tasks, some choose to buy college papers from custom writing companies.

Many writing companies have been put in place to help students sort their essay writing challenges. But, not all of them offer legit services. Some are only after getting money from these students. Hence, you need to be cautious when you choose to seek college essay help online. There are many companies out there which can offer you the essay help you need. But, their features will help you select the company of your preference. You can choose to seek EssayBasics essay writing service whenever you need to order a college essay. We have unique and outstanding features which make us different from other writing services.

Why we are the best place to get college essay help?


Professors give students paper writing tasks and expect them to complete them within a specific time. Many students are unable to deliver quality work within a short period. This is because they may be attending to other assignments or school activities. When you choose to seek college students essay help from us, we will be glad to assist you to deliver your paper before the deadline approaches. Our writers always keep time with all orders regardless of the set deadline. You do not need to worry about completing your article on time. You only need to place your order with us, and we will mail it to you before you even expect it.

College essay advisors

Your professor may give you an article task. You do not know how to go about it since you do not understand what it necessitates of you. When you seek our help, be sure that you will be able to approach your paper. We have a team of college essay advisors who provide students with tips and guidelines on how to approach their articles. You may need help in writing a research paper, a master’s thesis, an argumentative essay, or a dissertation paper. Do not worry about anything. Contact us and our team of professional essay writers will assist you. You can also buy pre-written essays and read through them to learn how to approach our articles.

Outstanding appraisals

We have been receiving many exceptional reviews from students we have been helping since long ago. Many of them have been benefiting from our services and have been very grateful. You can visit our website and go through the reviews section. These appraisals are genuine, and they are from students who recommend other students. So, as a student, you need to burden yourself with the thought of writing a good paper yet we can help you out. We offer pre-written essays, or you can ask a writer to write your article from scratch.

Esteemed professional writers

To become a proficient writer, you need to have experience in the essay writing business. This will help you acquire the essential skills you need to grow and develop yourself as a writer. Our team of writers have expertise in the writing industry. They have undergone sufficient training which makes them perfect for the essay writing task. They can handle any assignment albeit the subject area and the academic level. Hence, you do not need to worry if you are an undergraduate, a postgraduate or in high school. They can handle any task. Additionally, our writers work to ensure they produce top-quality and original articles. They do not plagiarize papers as they know plagiarism is an act which we do not condone in our company.

Esteemed professional writers

Discount system

We also have a discount policy where we issue discounts to all our clients. Our discounts vary depending on the number of times you place your order with us.

  • 15% off as a “new-comer” discount

This discount policy applies to every customer who chooses to place an order with us. The type of paper you want does not matter as the discount is similar on all orders.

  • 5% off – 3 finished papers with a company

This discount policy applies to all three orders you place with us, and we complete them. This helps us to build a healthy relationship with you.

  • 10% off – 7 completed orders with a company

This discount policy applies to every seven orders you place with us, and we finish them.

  • 15% off –  10 completed orders with a company

This discount policy applies to every ten orders you place with our company, and we conclude them. This helps us retain you as our client as well as make you feel content with our services.

We offer discount policies to our clients to ensure they feel comfortable and content working with us. Also, it helps us develop a healthy relationship with you.

Free revision and rewriting services

You may place an order with us and may not be content with the quality of the work we give. Or, there may be some mistakes in the article which require corrections. Do not worry about proofreading your work. We offer free revision and rewriting services. We can revise and rewrite your work for you at no costs and ensure it is up to your standards. So, when we deliver a paper which does not meet your requirements, feel free to ask for a revision and a rewrite. We work to ensure we are among the best essays online service.

24/7 customer support

You may need help in approaching your paper. Or, you may need writing help at a particular time of the day or night. You may wonder how you are going to go about it when you have other activities to tend to. We have a 24/7 customer support system where you can state all your requests. It operates on a full-time basis hence you do not need to worry about the time. So, when you need help with college essay, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to be of assistance.

All day customer support.

In conclusion, there are many writing companies which offer writing help to students. However, not all of them offer genuine services. Thus, you need to be wary when selecting a writing company to seek help from. Read through their features and customer reviews and see if it is of your preference. Essay Basics is one service you can choose to seek essay help from. You can buy an original essay or ask a writer to write from scratch. Do not burden yourself with your paper writing assignments yet we can help you out.

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