5 ways to avoid poor progress during studying

Effective studying process involves highly active behavior over a period. For you to study effectively; you have to read, to compare, to memorize, and to test yourself over time. Similarly, some study habits should be avoided since they are least helpful, and they lead to poor progress during studying.


The following practices need to be avoided:

Reading linear notes

Students should avoid just reading the linear notes that they take from lecture only. They must visit other sources to help them make relationship that will help them understand the concepts clearly. A good student will write additional notes and more examples on the margins of the notebook.


Rewriting notes

Some students rewrite notes with the assumption that it is good for memorization. While rewriting notes might be valuable at the beginning, it is more prudent if one takes shrinking/summarized notes as compared to revising the word-by-word notes that should be followed up by self-assessment criteria.

Rereading the notes

This habit when taken alone might not be effective. Rereading ought to be coupled with active tactics like drawing charts, using shrinking outlines and practice assessments.

Memorizing definitions

Most students spend a lot of time memorizing definitions. Some go to an extent of designing methods to recall the definitions. While this might be a good study method as a first step in a learning process, it must be coupled with cognitive learning skills that aid in understanding the broad dimension of the concept. Cognitive learning involves comparison of similar concepts and defines the significance of new encountered vocabulary terms. Give yourself a short essay practice assessment.

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5 ways to avoid poor progress during studying

Highlighting the book

Although highlighting makes valuable information outstanding on a page, it proves of less importance if something active isn’t done on the highlighted information. Highlighted words should be put into flashcards and practice done until every concept is understood.

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