A Good Thesis Statement

A thesis statement

A thesis statement entails the idea of focus, a claim or an opinion in a persuasive or an analytical essay. A specific thesis statement is good because it limits the research, as well as, the discussion. It should be the final line in the first paragraph of an article or an essay. An argumentative thesis statement, for example, must bring out a claim interpretation, or an opinion that one must prove using evidence. The burden of proving makes an article arguable.

Features of a good thesis statement

A Good Thesis Statement Students

Breaking down a problem

An example is an analytical essay, which breaks down any idea into basic elements. When a thesis statement breaks down an idea, it allows the writer to give a thorough discussion, which enables him or her to give a convincing conclusion


A thesis statement must be specific as opposed to being too general. A general thesis statement does not give much meaning. One should avoid ambiguous words and vague words.


A thesis statement must be easy to understand. One should use simple words, which will enable the reader to understand its meaning.


The thesis statement should eliminate confusion. There must be a connection between points. A thesis statement must make a single strong point as opposed to many unrelated points.


A good thesis statement should either be one or two sentences as far as the length is concerned. A writer should not list some or all of his or her arguments in the thesis statement.


A thesis statement must be on topic. It should accurately capture what the writer want to argue. Even after revising the body of an article, the thesis statement should still be fit.


A good thesis statement should captivate the reader to read the entire article. The writer must make his or her arguments sound important.

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A Good Thesis Statement

Sample topics for good thesis statement

Best topics may include “divorce effects on children”, “prevention and overcoming of self-harm”, “academic success amongst minority students”, “childhood obesity”, and “teachers and bullies” among other topics. For a topic to be good, it must attract a substantial number of people that agree.  A good topic should be influencing many people’s lives. Topics relating to the current events as well attract many readers.

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